What is an IP Address?

People can communicate effectively when they agree to use a common language. They could speak, Turkish, Spanish, French, or even sign language, but they must use the same language. Computers work the same way. The IP internet protocol is like a language that computers and networks both speak and understand. More specifically, the IP address […]

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Using SSL with Your Website for Increased Security

A question that often reverberates in our minds as we upload, download and surf the internet is whether or not the data we are accessing, engaging with and transmitting is secure. How vulnerable are our files and personal data at the end of the day? Data is the single most important asset of each and […]

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Why it is Important for Canadian Businesses to have a .CA Domain Name

If you are a Canadian company, Sibername recommends that you consider getting a .CA domain name that will make your company instantly recognizable as Canadian to Internet users around the world. There are various advantages of having a .CA domain name – in this blog post we discuss several of them: Surveys show that Canadians […]

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Sibername Recommends Private Domain Registration to Alleviate Privacy Concerns

When a domain name is registered, certain personal information about the domain’s legal owner such as their name and address, as well as other personal contact details will be entered and listed publically as part of the web domain’s ownership record. This information is available publically in a Whois database, which can be accessed by […]

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Some great .Bid, .Trade and .Webcam Domains Released for Regular Price Registration

I would like to inform you that we released on Monday 15th of December at 14:00 UTC the collision lists for .Bid, .Trade and .Webcam. You can find the lists in attached file, there are some pretty good names left 🙂 FYI those domain names are available at GA price so $29.95 CAD.   Domain […]

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Happy Holidays from SiberName!

Dear Customer, As the holiday season is around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business. It is customers like you who make our jobs a pleasure. May your holiday season and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success. We look forward to […]

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The .CA Country Domain Name – (ccTLD)

TLDs are the set of letters or codes found to the right of the final dot of a URL such as .com or .gov. There are two general classes of TLDs: generic TLDs (gTLD) and country code TLDs (ccTLD). The ccTLDs are assigned to both countries and regions. For example, the .CA top-level domain is a […]

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How Does Domain Name Arbitration Work?

Domain name violations such as cybersquatting and typo-piracy are commonly resolved through cease-and-desist letters that ask the site to transfer domain. In rare instances when this approach is not effective, arbitration can be pursued to resolve the issue. To help address the cybersquatting problem, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) adopted the […]

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How to Combat Typo-Piracy

Typo-piracy, or typo-squatting, is the practice of registering domain names that consist of popular trademarks with minor typographical errors. The procedure aims to capture traffic from users who inadvertently mistype the domain name of their intended destination. Typo versions of brand names can account for a considerable amount of traffic and income for such cunning […]

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Protect Your Online Presence from Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is a form of brand abuse that can mislead and divert customers. The process involves the registration of a domain name for the sole reason that it is desirable to a third party already doing business under that name. It is not uncommon for derivatives of a popular brand name to show up in […]

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