Choosing a domain name that meets your needs might require some time and think. Let’s walk through some things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.


  1. Think brand and keywords:

    As we mentioned in the previous chapter, the best place to start is the name of your business, project, or a great idea. Our website has a handy search tool that allows you to check if the domain name you want is available or not.

    Is it already registered? Don’t worry. You’ll notice that the search tool offers some suggestions of alternative domain names that are available. If none of those match your needs, try searching again.

    Think of other variations of the domain name you want. If you’re a business owner, consider other brand terms, products, services, or locations, like the neighbourhood or city where your business operates.

    Think about how people will search for you online and how you can help them find you. Learn more about how to incorporate keywords into your domain name.

  2.  Make it memorable

    By choosing an easy to remember domain name people will never have an issue finding your website. Try to avoid dashes and numbers, as these can confuse people when you tell them your domain name. If you must have numbers in your domain name, register both the “2” and “two” versions

  3. Alternate spellings

    Are your name often misspelled? Are there other variations that people use? For example, if your business name had the word “colour” in it, we recommend that you register both “color” and “colour”.

  4. Build a portfolio

    The last three points encouraged you to think about your products, locations and alternate spellings. There’s actually a strategy behind all of this: building a portfolio of domain names.

    Registering several variations of your domain name can help you build and protect your brand online while attracting more visitors to your website. This doesn’t mean that you need to create a new website for each domain name.

    Most website owners build their website on their primary domain name and redirect their other domain names back to that main website. You can easily do this in your domain account settings with SiberName as your registrar.


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