How to Choose a Good Domain Registrar

If you wish to build a website or create a domain-personalized email account you will first need to select a reliable domain name registrar. Below is a quick checklist of things you may want to consider in selecting the best overall domain registrar.


Recommendation:  If you are currently looking for a domain registrar, please consider emailing a simple question to the support departments of the registrars you have shortlisted before reading this checklist. Compare the quality and speed of the responses you get.  Then you can use this checklist to ask additional questions to the registrars who responded to you.  This will give you a concrete idea of the kind of service to expect and make this article more meaningful in your selection process. We hope SiberName will be on your shortlist


Checklist for Choosing a Good Domain Name Registrar




Personally, I will never deal with a company that does not provide a phone number on their website.  Furthermore, that phone number must be attended by a human who can understand my issue.  I am totally impress when companies can afford to hire humans to respond to me, even if it’s by online chat or phone text responses.  Most often though, email chats are quite adequate, and even preferred, because you can have a record of your communications on less urgent issues.


Customer Support:


24/7 support service gives you peace of mind, even if it’s only by email.  It’s something worth testing before becoming a customer to companies with which you may have very long term relationships.  You may also want to search online if a registrar has customer support issues.




Registrars should be registry accredited.  (example: CIRA, ICANN, EURID…)




Look for the greatest value with the fewest hidden fees.  Domain name registration prices should be competitive, but so should other prices like domain renewal prices, and sometimes even domain transfer prices.   It’s also a good idea to look for hidden fees because they do add up fast.  Some registrars, however, offer much value just for registering domain names (free do-it-yourself website, free WHOIS domain privacy protection…) and that is something worth factoring in as you compare prices.  


Fine Print:


Please do take the time to read the fine print before you register your domain name with a registrar.  How long after registration can you transfer your domain name out to another registrar if you are not satisfied with their services?  60 days? More than 60 days? Do they even allow domain transfers?




Sometimes, due to lack of security, or poor internal processes, domains can be fraudulently transferred or accidentally sold by registrars.  Make sure security is a concern for the registrars you select.  For greater security, select a registrar whose website has an SSL certificate.  Ideally, choose a provider that also sells SSL certificates, that also provides secure website hosting.  This is your best line of defense against DDoS attacks.  Check the terms and conditions of the domain name registrars.  Is your domain name registered to your name?  Make sure it’s not registered to a third party or even to the registrar.

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