Complexity of Inter Registrar Transfer Policy and Registrar Transfers at the same time

Dear Registrant,

Here is what happens when you try to change registrant details and registrar at the same time. Please try not to change the name , email and organization when you move domain names to us:

Please also disable the privacy protection for the domain name and do not modify the domain details until the transfers are completed. Otherwise it will fail again in the middle of the progress and it will be really frustrating for everybody.

We are sad to be helpless for such a big policy change most probably that makes it impossible to change a registrar.


There are four different contacts associated with a domain name. These are:

1. Registrant contact
2. Administrative contact
3. Technical contact
4. Billing contact

In a typical scenario, the details of all four contacts are usually the same, unless otherwise specified. If the details are same, then it won’t be incorrect to say that the Registrant contact and the Administrative contact are the same person or entity. Now the entity may be the same however when it comes to performing certain actions on the domain name, each entity has its own role to play. For example, a Registrant Modification can only be approved by the Registrant Contact, a domain transfer can only be approved by the Admin Contact, etc.

When a domain name is being transferred from one registrar to another (a.k.a. “Inter-Registrar Transfer”), an approval from the “Administrative” contact is needed to approve the transfer request. This was the process earlier and is still being followed.

What has changed now is that if the gaining “Registrant” contact details are different from the current registrant contact, especially the name, company or email address, then it implies a change of registrant (a.k.a. “Inter-Registrant Transfer”). As per the new ICANN policy (, “Inter-Registrant Transfer” must be approved before completing the “Inter-Registrar Transfer”.

In an “Inter-Registrant Transfer”, approval is needed from the losing registrant as well as gaining registrant. If the email address of the losing registrant is same as that of the gaining registrant, then both approval emails would arrive at the same address, but the approval links would not be the same. The client must access both emails and approve the change of registrant. This process is called IRTP-C.

Once the registrants (losing registrant as well as gaining registrant) have approved the contact change, “Inter-Registrar Transfer” is initiated and follows the process of obtaining the “Administrative” contact’s approval as explained above.

Please note that a “Registrant Transfer” will take place only if the registrant contact information is being changed. If there is no change in the registrant contact information, then registrant approval is not required. The system will directly proceed with “Registrar Transfer” in such cases.

I hope this clears any doubts you may have.


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