Cool widgets you’ll want to add to your website immediately

Your website is your online spokesperson, and the better the experience it offers to its users, better the results you are having. Widgets can become very handy in achieving this, so here are some widgets that we recommend to business websites.



Web widgets are little pieces of code that everyone can copy and paste into a website, and they are intended to add interest to online visitors. Widgets can be both fun and useful, as they can provide deeper utility for your customers or readers, or they can help you improve the performance of your website by easily adding content or new features.

WordPress has always had amazing useful tools among its widgets list, from setting up an Events Calendar, to embedding social media-provided information directly from the website’s Facebook or Twitter page. Users enjoy seeing them because it helps them identify the information they are looking for quicker and more easily.



Well, widgets have come a long way, and nowadays there are tools that can do practically everything for your website, from posting new content, to answering to customers’ requests.

News widgets can aggregate articles on a certain topic, that would complement the content you are posting on your website and provide more relevant information to your visitors. For example, if you have a law firm, your website might gain more visitors if you integrate a news widget that would aggregate articles on new policies or tax information. If you are a financial services provider, you could easily add a news section for business related articles, or even provide real-time information on stock markets. You have many widgets to choose from, as many news outlets have created their unique tools, such as CBS or CNW, or you can always use the WordPress news widgets.

Social media widgets can automatically display the content you are posting on your pages and even allow you to stream your photos and videos directly to your website. For example, Snap Widget allows you to choose what kind of posts from your social media page you would like to appear on the website. Other widgets are specifically designed to showcase the content you post on a certain social media platform. Twitter Info Widget WordPress Plugin lets you display your Twitter data and can be customized according to your preferred design. Custom Facebook Feed showcases a completely customizable Facebook feed of any public Facebook page or group on your website. Having a social media widget integrated in your website helps with enlarging your social media communities.

Chatbots are new to the playground and have greatly improved the customer relationship on websites by allowing administrators to set up automated responses to customer inquiries, and much more. For example, is a widget that can be easily inserted in the website code and allows you to interact with users, while also analyzing the performance of your website. The widget is extremely useful for those who want to receive real-time feedback from their customers, while conversations are archived and can be accessed at any time. You should know that chatbots usage is increasing day by day, as they have made life easier for both customers and providers, since practically eliminating the waiting time for getting an answer to any kind of request.

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  1. Grahame says:

    Getting the chatbots widget for sure, thanks for your help Great article.

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