Digital Security Checklist

All electronic devices and applications can be intentionally hacked: Websites, email accounts, webcams, smartphones, and social media sites.  Indeed this is now common. The recent disclosure of Yahoo having 500 million accounts hacked is just one example.  Often the victims are unaware they’ve been hacked until years later, because security is not a priority to them.

Don’t wait till you get hacked to start learning about security measures and implementing them in your business.  Delaying this could cost you considerable time, money and embarrassment.  Below is a list of measures you can take to greatly increase the security of your business and personal data.

First: Check to see if your website or staff emails have been hacked already! (example: )

Digital security checklist:

  • Backup your data frequently, scan for viruses and spyware.
  • Learn the signs of being hacked and teach your colleagues.  
  • Set “security and privacy”-protection search engines as the default search engines in your browsers. (Example AVG)
  • Use Internet browsers that remove cookies and erase cache after you visit each website. (optional)
  • Leave sensitive data out of any electronic device or application.
  • Employ two-factor security authentication when possible
  • Password protect your business routers.  Suggest that your work-from-home staff do the same.
  • Provide your staff with private mobile Internet access, since free public WIFI exposes your business data.
  • Install anti-spyware/anti-virus/anti-adware/  software and download updates frequently
  • Create strong passwords for every site you visit online.  Change passwords at least once a year. Never reuse the same password.
  • Use privacy-centric browsers and search engines (Examples AVG, Epic Browser) and search engines (example Startpage)
  • Install a firewall on your computer
  • Perform required software updates for your operating system and web browser. Hackers attack where they see weakness.
  • Bookmark this blog article page so you can review this checklist (updated monthly) Discuss this checklist with colleagues and friends.

As a company perhaps the simplest thing you can do immediately is contact a reliable web hosting company (example SiberName) and sign up for a scanning and backup service to protect your website and email accounts.  This “behind the scene” security will be a great starting point for your company’s security strategy.  Even if your website does somehow get hacked, at least you can have a fully functional website restored within minutes.


You should offer your staff a security “Lunch and Learn” training session and go over security habits.  This training will offer information that will benefit your company as well as your staff.
Sylvain, Sibername

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