What to do when your domain name is already taken?

The right name for your business or for your website is not something you find easily, so one can understand the frustration felt when you see that the domain you were looking for is not available. Truth being told, since there are 1.8 billion websites in the world wide web, already more than 125 million .COM domains registered and almost 2.5 million .CA domains, there is a good chance the name you desire is already in someone else’s hands. Don’t feel desperate, know that there are some things you could do to find the best alternative.



We know that .com or .ca would be the perfect fit for a Canadian business, but given the circumstances, take into consideration that there are other combinations that might work just as fine. Extensions like .org, .net, .info are already familiar with most customers, so don’t overlook them. Also, the internet has seen an increase in domain extensions relevant to the profile of the website, so start looking for .store, .company or other extension ideas.



Can your website name work with another word near it? There are very few reasons to believe that. So start creating new combinations by adding the profile of your business near your brand name, or an article. Using terminology common to your business type or audience might even improve your online results. Also, when you lack inspiration, you can always try mixing words up using a name generator. Here you can use our name suggestion tool for fresh ideas.



If you feel that another name or extension would not benefit your website, then you can always try to verify who the domain owner is and if he or she is willing to sell.  Use the WHOIS platform to search for contact details. Usually, the contact information is public, but even if it is not, there should be an email you can use to contact the domain owner or the domain holding company. A very important thing that you might want to consider is that this option might become very costly, as many website owners are overestimating the value of their domains, so don’t be afraid to negotiate. Better open the discussion in a casual manner, without revealing too much about who you are or why you need that precise domain.



When negotiating with the current domain owner fails, and you are still keen on getting that perfect website name, the last option for you would be to wait until the domain expires. Make a search on the Track.domains platform to see when the domain is due to expire, but keep in mind that this is not a safe option. Usually, website owners renew their domains before the expiration date, so if the name you are seeking is linked to a prosperous website, chances are you’ll never get your hands on it.


Whatever you choose to do, remember that having a website and an online presence is more important than sticking to a certain name. Invest in good online marketing tactics and you’ll see that your website results will be satisfactory.

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