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If you’ve registered a domain name before, then you know how important it is to renew your domain registration before it expires.  You may also consider multi-year registration and auto-renewal as extra precautions (especially if your domain has many quality back-links and your website enjoys good traffic).


Advantages of multi-year domain name registration:



  • Save money: By pre-paying at a fixed price you won’t have price increase surprises over the years and your registrar may even offer you a discount.
  • Save time: No need to schedule reminders to contact your registrar to make payments.  You have domain name peace of mind for the next 10 years.
  • Reduce risks: Multi-year registrations makes it much less likely for you to lose your domain especially when you deal with a reputable registrar.



Checklist for selecting a good domain registrar:



  • They are a reputable and ethical registrar.  They have been in business for 10+ years.
  • They have a good domain auto renewal notification system
  • They send you notices before your domain expires and is released to the general public
  • They have a good TBR (To Be Released) system so that you can grab back your domain should it be released to the auction block for any reason. ( )
  • They pay the registry for the same number of years that you order, and they pay up front
  • They don’t “monetize” your unused, parked or recently expired domains
  • They give you direct access to your whois records and your registrar locks
  • Also: They answer the phone personally when you call. They never hides any fees.  They offer a free whois email privacy service. They never sell your data to third parties



Some reasons for the release of domains (even in the case of auto-renewal or multi-year registration):



  • Faulty domain name auto-renewal system. You don’t receive the renewal email notification from your registrar.
  • Renewal reminders may go to your spam email folder and you don’t review that folder often
  • There was an accidental deletion of the renewal email notification.
  • Outdated billing information (in case registrant changes credit cards or they expire)
  • A third party is the administrative contact for your domain and they forget to renew.
  • You deal with many different registrars with different auto-renewal and multi-year registration processes or policies
  • You are the administrative contact and you are off on a long vacation and unavailable for renewal issues
  • You specified your domain email address in your account information
  • You specified the wrong email address for domain autorenewal email notification
  • Your website’s domain developer (a third party) may have the legal title to your domain name
  • Cybersquatting complaints: if complaints are emailed to your website’s web developer (and not you) and these complaints are not addressed then you can lose a domain
  • You waited too long to renew your domain



Checklist of things to do to have domain registration and renewal peace of mind:



  • Pay the renewals in advance.  Most registrars will allow you to pay your renewals for up to 10 years.
  • Mark the expiration dates of your domain(s)
  • Make sure you are set as the administrator of your domain and not third parties (web developers…)
  • Make sure renewal reminders are sent to your admin email address
  • Make sure domains are registered to your company’s name and not to an employee’s name.
  • Use a reliable email address for your whois registrant information, not a free web-based email service which can be hacked.
  • Make sure you set your domain name to auto-renew.  Registrars usually have a domain auto-renewal service.
  • If you do set the domain auto-renew for 10 years in advance, please remember to update your credit card information during that time.

Domain auto-renewal and multi-year registration can save you much money and time.  Since you may be keeping your domains for several years it would be worth your while to register and renew them with a reputable domain registrar.  A good registrar can help you protect your domain name against expiration, deletion, unauthorized transfer and theft.  

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