How to efficiently use a domain name and free website builder to target your website with SiberName

Using Keyword Planner for Google Search Terms to decide a domain name and Building a Landing Page with Sibername

Project: Use multiple domain names to promote your website.

Idea: To register multiple domain names and URL forward them to your main website.

Question: How it is done more efficiently?

First, you better create different websites for each domain names you want to use with your project. Because if you URL forward the domain names to your main website, you might not get the desired clicks. Because the probability of customers entering your domain name to the address bar is very low.

They would search google with this keyword.

So start with finding the right keyword. How can you find the right keyword? From the Google itself.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner to choose the right keyword. Specify the keyword you want to use by using the tool and then create your domain name by using these keywords.

Google Keyword Planner





Say you want to advertise your brokerage website to serve customers looking for condo’s at St John’s New Foundland, add the keyword as below:



Google Keyword Planner adding the keyword


And the planner will display the best keywords at the time of the search on the next page as follows:


Google Keyword Planner Results


As you can see, the results are based on the location and language and also the type of device.

Now say you want to use the top keyword to advertise your website on a landing website.

Start your domain name search .


Using Domain Name Generator for your keyword


You can also use the SiberName Domain name Generator for better ideas;

Sibername Domain Name Search Results


Now you can choose your domain name and register it.

Your domain name extension is not too important. You can choose one that suits your needs but .ca domain name might be a better option for Canada. So say we choose

Building a Landing Page

SiberName offers free website builder and hosting for domain names registered with us. You can learn how to access the website builder through our YouTube Video located here.


SEO Recommendations:

You must include the keyword St John’s Condos in the Title, Meta Descriptions and also keywords of your website. You should also use the keyword in the text you use to build your landing page.

And you should create a link to your main website in the text.


Say you want to advertise your main website STJC.COM you can use the text,


Click here to access the St John’s Condo Listings. and use the link on the text “St John’s Condo Listings” that directs the customers to STJC.COM.


So when someone searches St John’s Condos, Google will display Because it has the keywords and text supporting this search term.

And the reader will be informed about St John Condos in the free Sibername Website that comes with all domains registered with Sibername you create and it will have the link to your main site as described above.


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