Introducing The World’s Only Free Website Malware Scan and Removal solution- cWatch

Free Malware Removal

Scan and remove Malware from websites %100 free!

Would you dare not to install an anti-virus program like Norton or Mcafee or Kaspersky to your PC or MAC and feel safe?

The majority would answer this NO.

Would you feel safe if you are not scanning your website for the malware? for the same reason, the answer should be NO.

As our reputation as being the company always searching for affordable solutions for website problems, we have found a good one for Malware Scanning and Removal services.

We are happy to introduce the Anti-Malware cPanel Plug-in –  cWatch.

Developed by the team of  Melih Abdulhayoglu, founder of Comodo world’s most popular SSL certificate provider, the product is free and helps the websites to be clean from Malware.

For the ones who are not familiar with the subject, when a Malware infects a website, it starts to harm their visitors by stealing their information. Malware would also infect the computers with viruses. Those viruses are used for activities like a DDOS attack.

For example, when you encounter a website trying to mislead you as a bank website, it means that a website is malware infected.

Malware infections use vulnerabilities found in 3rd party software products such as WordPress. These products have vulnerabilities and require a constant update. If you delay your update, you are vulnerable to those hackers trying to infect your website with malware.

If these are not explanatory, please consider the scenario when your website visitors see the following image when they visit your website.

Google Chrome Malware Warning

Google safe BrowsingGoogle Safe Browsing blacklists those websites and it takes a long time to be delisted from this blacklist.

When you access a website by using the Chrome Browser and see the following image, it means it is malware infected. Think about the potential customers you found through Google Adwords. Would they even come back again? We guess NO.

You would lose your Google Organic ranking.

This might lead to 1000s of dollars worth of financial losses.

Well, why would you leave your website unattended and let the hackers abuse these vulnerabilities?

It is now free and simple to have a Malware protection and removal solution with the help of cWatch.

The free version of cWatch malware scanner is available as a cPanel plugin  for the websites hosted with 

Please visit cWatch Product Website for more information.

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  1. Pradeep says:

    This is very useful as we all know protection is how important for websites

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