New Anti Spam Server has been Launched Announcement

Our valued customers have enjoyed the decrease on their Spam level after the implementation of’s Easy Anti Spam service;

Easy Anti Spam’s server has given us a chance to try the MailFoundry
servers with a small investment;

After 6 months of trial period, we and our clients were very happy with the results.
Switching back to the servers we have used earlier for only 1 hour would be easy to see the difference;

We have decided to order and launch our own MailFoundry appliance.

Configuration of the appliance was very straightforward. We have switched our own mail server and the Maple server to the new AntiSpam server. The server was heavily on duty in a couple of ours of its launch.

We are going to try the server for our own domain for 2 more days and we will start switching all the other servers to this AntiSpam server.

If a domain name is using the new AntiSpam server, it will have the MX record of You can use to see your MX settings.

This service is offered to our valuable customers for free of charge. They will receive daily Quarantine reports to check if the server has identified a legal email as spam by mistake. There is a very slight possibility of blocking emails as spam and this is also eliminated by the Quarantine report emails sent for each email account. Users will be able to release the email in 4 days before it is deleted from our servers.

This highly effective service comes for free of charge for our valuable customers. This was and will be our commitment to you to take you where the technology takes without reflecting the cost as much as possible. This service can be compared to the service offered by them selves as a hosted solution. As the details can be seen through

You save at least $0.99 USD per month per email address by hosting your domain name with us and not to mention the time and respurces to deal with the spam.

Please visit to learn more about the AntiSpam server appliance.

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