How to Obtain Deleted Domain Names

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How to Obtain Valuable Deleted Domain Names

There are countless deleted domain names available (that nobody owns anymore) with numerous prestigious back-links that could benefit your business or project tremendously.  All of them are available at the price of a simple domain registration.

When the registration of a currently owned domain name expires, it can be renewed within a few days by the current registrant without penalty. If, for one reason or another, the current registrant does not make the renewal payment on time (within a few days) they still have a short grace period where registration can be redeemed but at a higher fee.  If it is not redeemed by the registrant then it is scheduled to be released (open to be registered by anyone else) and can be auctioned off if bidders are available for that particular domain name. The highest bidder always wins the new registration.  If no one is interested in bidding for it then it is dropped (previous registration is deleted) and it becomes available at a registrar for “hand registering” (meaning that anyone can register the deleted domain through a registrar at regular low registration prices).   There are millions of good deleted domain names, with great back-links that no one owns anymore.  A registrar, like Sibername, can help you sift through many of these domain names and find a few good ones that may give your business a boost.


Registrars often have a “back order list of domain names” to be released for new registration.  Registrars like Sibername send out a weekly list of domain names “To Be Released (TBR)” in an opt-in newsletter. Marketers, domainers and the general public can review these weekly lists and if they find a domain of interest they can then express their interest.  Many domains are often dropped but the valuable domains are always auctioned or backordered.  If you would like to subscribe to Sibername’s weekly “auction and backorder” mailing list, simply email with that request.  They will help you filter the domains that are worth your consideration.  Being on a back-order mailing list allows you to know the status of an expired domain name and be alerted before auctions are scheduled to begin for the domain name.  If an auction does not take place for a certain expired domain name then you need to make sure you use the backorder service.


Backordering certain deleted domain names is very beneficial.  Either the domain name is the exact name you wanted for your company or it may be something significant in your industry.  Recently deleted domain names sometimes have several prestigious backlinks still pointing to the domain name. Registering such a deleted domain will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and get you immediate high ranking in search engines.


But some previously-owned domains should be avoided. For one reason, it may have been banned from Google. Another reason may be that there may be some legal issues attached to that domain, something that may cause some visitors to have a negative prejudice about that domain name.


For both these reasons then it’s a good idea to do some research about the domain name(s) you wish to invest in.   Several tools are available to assist you in this research such as Sibername who-is Lookup  You can also see the website that was previously at the domain you wish to register by clicking here.

Once you have found the ideal domain name then you should register it via your registrar quickly so no one else does. Once registered, you can either develop a new website around the new domain, you can point it to your existing website, or you can have your existing website point to it.  Your new domain then has a new life and a new purpose.


BEFORE BIDDING for DELETED DOMAINS:  Before deciding if you want to get a deleted domain name, you may want to consider different domain name extensions before possibly engaging in a public online auction.  For instance, instead of registering “yourcompany.COM” you may opt for “yourcompany.LTD” or “yourcompany.INC” or “yourcompany.BIZ” or “yourcompany.STORE”. Please check the availability status of your desired domain name(s) and domain extensions by clicking here. You may want to check if alternative domains are available before you decide to start bidding and getting involved in domain wars (a very time-consuming activity).  Sometimes an alternative domain may be even more effective for your business. However, if you have strong reasons for participating in an auction, please read on. But first it might be a good idea to review the life-cycles of domain names before they are finally deleted and made available for auctioning.


The Domain Name Life-Cycle:


Domain names go through what refer to as “life cycles”.  The starting point of the life cycle is when a brand new domain is AVAILABLE for public registration.  If you can imagine a great domain name that has never been registered then you’re in luck and you can register it at rock bottom prices through a registrar.  To see if your ideal domain name is available you can use a domain search engine (like this one from Sibername).  If you register this new domain name and think it may be popular then you should see if it is available with other domain extensions and consider reserving those before the competition does.


The next phase is the ACTIVE stage meaning that you can register your new domain name(s) for a period ranging from 1-10 years.  And as long as you renew your payments for the domain registration fee, then only you can use it and benefit from this domain and it is considered an ACTIVE domain name.


EXPIRED stage: If, for any reason, you do not make your payment on time then your registrar may delete the availability of your domain name at any time within 45 days.  Most registrars, like Sibername, will send renewal reminders to their registrants before the SCHEDULED payment date.  It is a good practice however for you to add that date in your own agenda in case the renewal reminder fails for any reason.  


REDEMPTION stage: The registry (suppliers to registrars) will hold expired domains for 30 days. So you can possibly save your domain at this stage.


PENDING DELETION stage: After a period of 5 days from the REDEMPTION stage the domain name is deleted and is made available to the general public. If you do wait till this happens then you might have to wait in an auction for you to re-register for a domain name you may have had for years before.  Expired domain names that have not gone to auction can be placed in back-order.  


Sibername Auctions:
Should you have to resort to an auction to get the domain names you want, then you have two choices: You go to a public domain auction site (since most registrars do not have their own auctioning process) or you go to a registrar’s auction site.  Some registrars, like Sibername, do have their own auctioning processes and have a live support team to answer your questions.  Should you require additional information about any part of the domain name life-cycle (including Sibername domain auctioning), please contact or chat with a live representative by clicking the orange “Support” tab on the homepage.  We’re here to help.  

PS: You may also inquire about our discounted domain names.


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