Your online blog would look better on a private domain

Blogging has become quite the phenomenon and has penetrated all industries. From small writers, sharing their own personal opinions under impersonal website titles, to big corporations, that have included company blogs in their public relations strategies, blogs are extending their presence in the online environment day by day. They have become a channel suitable for interaction, for presentation, or for sharing knowledge and experience. New-coming bloggers are starting their own platforms in all areas, from culinary art, design, DIY, lifestyle, photography, to writing about even more complex topics like medicine, architecture and many more. These rookies in blogging usually start by using free subdomains, offered by WordPress, Wix or Google. But once their fan communities grow, they are switching to private domains, and you should do too.


Why should your blog be on a private domain?

Owning your own domain can make the difference in your success. When your blog is just starting out, you can keep it on a free subdomain, as this does not require financial investments or taking any risks. Thus, if you find that blogging does not suit you or the blog topic you have chosen is not of interest to your community, you have nothing to lose if you decide to shut down the platform. But if you want to get to a professional blogging level and develop a serious online presence, you will need a private domain name. Your domain name should represent your activity, be intuitive and easy to remember, so that your online readers can easily keep it in their minds and revisit it. Owning a private domain for your blog improves the impression visitors have about your site, as it makes it look more professional and strengthens the idea that what you are writing is of quality.

Another advantage of owning a domain name is the originality it brings to your blog and the better chances of indexing in search engines. This means that getting a private domain increases the possibility of generating more website traffic, as a large percentage of users are looking on Google for information and they usually choose to enter websites that seem more credible than others, starting with their domain names. If you are present with your blog in the first results of a Google search, visits will definitely increase.

Also, owning a domain name for your blog brings a personality advantage in the relationships with other bloggers or potential clients who would like to buy advertising space. Think about your purpose of writing on the blog: is it just a personal hobby or do you want to gain money from it? If you choose to pay for hosting and buy yourself a domain, there is no doubt that you will be able to earn more money from your online activity than if you would still use the free hosting on WordPress or That is because many of those marketers willing to pay important amounts for ads on a blog will refuse to do it for those who use free hosting.

Another advantage a private domain brings is the personalization of your email address. If your blog becomes a brand, the fact that you use free services for emailing lowers your credibility, and it affects your potential of getting paid collaborations.

The thing that you need to take into account when getting your own domain is the hosting. Most of the times, when you connect your website to your private domain name, it will require setting a new hosting for it. Getting paid hosting, you will receive new facilities such as the ability to install any software or application you want, customize your website design, get specialized technical support and back up your online data.

Having your own domain definitely brings you a lot of advantages. The only disadvantage that we can think of is the cost, but the value you receive for your money is worthy of the expense. Moreover, the purchase of a domain name from a specialized provider usually comes with many other benefits. For example, SIbername offers free Domain Name Whois Privacy and Theft Protection, free access to a 5-Page Weebly Website Builder and free 2-Email Addresses with your domain name. The costs of getting a domain are extremely accessible for any user that wants to make blogging a business. Check our prices here and get your blogging to the next level.

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