How important is the loading speed of a website?

We all know that a slow loading website does not offer the most enjoyable browsing experience. In today’s online environment, speed is everything. Nobody wants to stay on a website that takes too much to load. In fact, your website has a timeframe of just 3 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor when […]

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4 reasons that prove that good hosting influences the SEO performance of a website

Most of those who create a website for the first time pay little attention to the selection of the hosting provider. Many times, small business administrators are looking for the cheapest package or, even worse, for free hosting. A good hosting service can help you very much in your website’s relationship with the search engines, […]

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No budget for a website? Use Weebly!

We know that an entrepreneur at the beginning of the road has to manage his investments extremely well. Most of the time, these are being used for the purchase of equipment, hiring a team of professionals, organizing the production process or developing the new services. Very often, the promotion budget is reduced to a minimum, […]

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5 reasons websites are mandatory in today’s business world

Still arguing whether you need to build a website for your company? If you are looking for reasons, you must understand that the presence of your business in the virtual environment is an indispensable part on the road to success. Nowadays, technologies have advanced so much that any aspect of a business can be easily […]

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Your online blog would look better on a private domain

Blogging has become quite the phenomenon and has penetrated all industries. From small writers, sharing their own personal opinions under impersonal website titles, to big corporations, that have included company blogs in their public relations strategies, blogs are extending their presence in the online environment day by day. They have become a channel suitable for […]

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What is an SSL Certificate and do you really need it?

It is well known that more and more people are using the internet as a tool for information, communication and online commerce. Unfortunately, the information exchanged through the online network is exposed to a number of risks, some of them which can alter, impersonalize or intercept the information transmitted. Since being on the Internet is […]

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How and where can I file abuse complaints?

If you need to report a domain, website or email address involved in illegal/abusing activities, here are some tips you may follow to make this process easier. Your actions will depend on the type of the issue you would like to report. Here is the brief information regarding the most common issues: 1) Spam. If you […]

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Canada’s Internet Factbook 2017

Last week, CIRA released Canada’s Internet Factbook – an annual publication that showcases data about Canada’s internet and Canadians’ online habits, perceptions, and experiences. It offers a look at Canada’s internet – how we use it and access it, what we need from it and what concerns us about it. Canada’s Internet Factbook also contains […]

Read more & XYZ Now Offering .Storage Domains as the Industry’s Authoritative Namespace

Secure the Best .Storage Domains Immediately at SiberName   OTTAWA,ON (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 16, 2017, an authorized retailer of the most popular new domain in the world, .xyz, announced support of the .Storage launch today as the authoritative namespace for businesses and individuals in the physical storage and data storage industries. .Storage is XYZ’s tenth domain extension […]

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You need to pay attention to these things when looking for a hosting provider

One of the most important things when creating a website for your business or your blog is buying the domain and finding web hosting. In a nutshell, hosting means that someone, a company or a service provider, will keep on his server all the files that make up your website: your texts, pictures, articles, videos […]

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ICANN Certified Registrar is a CIRA Certified Registrar is an Authority (CIRA) certified .CA Domain Name Registrar is a BBB Accredited business

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