QC.COM will be sunsetted along with AR, GB, HU, KR, NO, SE and UY.COM

CentralNic advises that from April 30, 2017 the following SLD domain extensions will
be sunsetted, meaning that new registrations and renewals will not be permitted. 

.AR.COM <http://ar.com/>, 
.GB.COM <http://gb.com/>, 
.HU.COM <http://hu.com/>,
.KR.COM <http://kr.com/>, 
.QC.COM <http://qc.com/>, 
.NO.COM <http://no.com/>,
.SE.COM <http://se.com/>, AND 
.UY.COM <http://uy.com/>

There are no plans to sunset any other domains managed by CentralNic.

Although there are only a very small number of domains (and an even smaller number
of active websites) using these extensions, we realise the inconvenience this causes
you, and so we will do everything in our power to make this a
smooth process. We have put in place the following timetable, compensation and
support plan:

1. Timetable

All domains using the sunsetting extensions show as unavailable for new
registrations from Friday April 29 2016. This is to ensure no further domains can be
registered, as they will not be able to be renewed.

All domains currently registered using the sunsetting extensions will have their
expiry date extended to April 30, 2017 at no charge, giving your customers a year to
migrate to alternative domains. This means there will be no further renewals
processed for the affected domains.

On April 30, 2017, any remaining domains on those extensions will be deactivated.  

2. Compensation

For every domain affected, we will provide you with a free two year registration on
a substitute extension, which can be any domain of your choice using any
extension from the list provided.  

For any multi-year registration (extending past May 3, 2017), we will provide you
with an additional two years of registration free for each additional year currently

You can choose any available domain at any of the following extensions:

.ae.org <http://ae.org/>, 
.com.de <http://com.de/>, 
.com.se <http://com.se/>,
.gb.net <http://gb.net/>, 
.hu.net <http://hu.net/>, 
.jp.net <http://jp.net/>,
.jpn.com <http://jpn.com/>, 
.mex.com <http://mex.com/>, 
.sa.com <http://sa.com/>,
.se.net <http://se.net/>, 
.uk.com <http://uk.com/>, 
.uk.net <http://uk.net/>, 
us.com  <http://us.com/>, 
us.org <http://us.org/>, 
za.com <http://za.com/>
Although they have nothing to do with the sunsetting domains, the helpful people at
.xyz and .co.com <http://co.com/> have also offered to assist by contributing an
additional option: a free two year registration of any available .xyz or .co.com
<http://co.com/> domain as a substitute for sunsetted domains.

How the compensation works:

To make things as easy as possible, we will simply credit you with two years of
registration for every domain year you currently have registered under the
sunsetting domains.

3. Support

We will not contact your registrants – however let us know if you would like our
support in communicating with any of your customers, including explaining the
sunsetting, assisting in obtaining a domain comparable to the one they have now, or
for us to put in place a free (301) redirect to their new domain. We can also offer
support in any language required.

CentralNic apologises for the inconvenience caused by these exceptional
circumstances. We invite you and your customer to contact us should you have any

If you need any further assistance or clarification please don’t hesitate to contact
our support department.

Best Regards,

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  1. Ken says:

    It is great to be able to read your contributions here ! I have long been looking for it . How do I get more information about it . Who schreibtz else? thank you

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