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Search Engine Optimization is a core marketing practice for all online businesses. The goal of SEO is to increase traffic to a website through maximizing visibility in the unpaid (also known as organic) listings of Search Engines (SEs).

Google is the most well-known and used Search Engine: Bing,, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are other examples. rankingCoach Search Engine Optimization Tool  helps users to create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy that covers all the key areas of SEO

Technical SEO

For a website to appear in the results of Search Engines, the SEs need to be able to find and understand its content. If it is not easy for them to do this, the website will appear very low in the SE Rankings, or in many cases, not at all.

Technical SEO is the area where the main practical and technical elements of SEO are dealt with. Many aspects of this approach are geared towards improving two key areas: Crawlability and Indexability.

Crawlability: how easy it is for a search engine to access a website

Another important area of Technical SEO is Mobile Accessibility; MA explores the extent to which a website’s content can be displayed as intended on the smartphones of visitors. This can differ greatly from how it appears on PCs and Macs; the configuration of web browsers and operating systems on smartphones often vary wildly.

Sites not taking these factors into consideration, could make a site inaccessible to large numbers of visitors using smartphones. This would have a direct impact on a site’s Search Rankings and Traffic.   

Indexability: the degree of difficulty for search engines to source and list the relevant information from a website to match the terms of search queries

Core Technical SEO Practices include:

  1. Domain Name Optimization
  2. Site code Optimization
  3. Title tags and Heading Optimization
  4. Page Load Speed Optimization
  5. Image Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization Tool takes its users through all of the key elements of Technical SEO to secure their place in the Search Rankings

Written Content & SEO

The next area of focus in SEO is written content. Websites also feature other kinds of content such as pictures and video, however, Search Engines mainly use the text on a website to determine its ranking.

The calculations that decide where pages appear in the results of a Search Engine, known as the Algorithm, are trying to decide which websites best answer the questions asked by their users.

Good SEO content strategy is structured around the questions that a company believes its potential customers will ask the Search Engines.

By doing this, site owners maximize their chances of persuading the Search Engines that their website is the best match for their potential customers’ Search Enquiries.

As a natural consequence of this, content must be optimized for SEs and people as it needs to be accessible for Search Engines whilst  providing the best solution for the users’ Enquiries.

A well implemented Content Strategy will lead to better Search Engine results. 

Search Engine Optimization Tool guides the user through the process of creating effective content for their website, ensuring that they take all of the most important factors into consideration. 

Content & keywords

rankingCoach’s Keyword Optimization Tool enables the user to devise a precision Keyword Campaign. Optimizing content for Keyword relevance is a continuous task; resources and time are always of concern.

rankingCoach Search Engine Optimization Tool  provides the tools to easily build an effective Content Strategy with Targeted Keywords at its center.

The evolution of the internet, as a platform for business, has expanded markets considerably, but it has also substantially increased competition.

All skilled online businesses are trying to optimize their keywords and content to stay ahead. rankingCoach Search Engine Optimization Tool  provides users with regular updates on how their Keywords are faring against their chosen competitors.

It helps users to identify the best Keywords and keeps them regularly updated on their effectiveness; ensuring that rankingCoach Search Engine Optimization Tool  users are always a step ahead of the competition. 

Link Building

Backlinks are the third key factors that influence a website’s ranking on Search Engines. Backlinks are links from other websites to a user’s site. Search Engines afford higher ranking to websites with reputable Backlinks because they demonstrate a website’s authority in its field and make it easier for Search Engines to find.

The goal is to create a website with many links from other trusted sites, whose content is connected to the website’s area of focus. The best way to achieve this has changed considerably over the years. Failing to build links in the correct way can be fatal for an online business.

For example, In the past, a strategy for Link Building was to buy BackLinks from sites selling them. Today this practice is extremely risky and can lead to a website being completely delisted from Search Engines.

The industry term for forbidden practices ,such as this, is BlackHat. It is of vital importance that, when a sitemanager starts a Link Building Campaign, they follow the right rules and they know the latest and most effective strategies for Link Building.

rankingCoach Search Engine Optimization Tool  keeps the user up to date with all the latest developments in this area and provides tips for effective Link Building.  


SEO refers to the strategies used for improving visibility on the unpaid results of a Search Engine. These are also known as the Organic Results.

The effects of SEO can take months to show up on Search Engines. Businesses which are looking for more immediate results, who see it as financially viable to pay per potential customer, should look into Search Engine Marketing.

This area of Digital Marketing is catered to by an additional paid feature of rankingCoach: rankingCoach Ads.


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