Synchronized Website Building

Synchronized Website Building

Inspire your strategic partners to build/update their sites with you:  Never build alone, benefit from the experience and expertise of others. We live in a highly competitive world with a very weak economy.  That’s why it’s so important to muster all the forces you can to make your website a success soon after its launch date, especially if you are a startup professional or business. Build strategic relationships with other local businesses that would complement your own business. If these businesses have websites already then see if you can negotiate interlinking your websites to each other. If your other strategic partners do not have a website then this is a good opportunity for you to build, launch and promote your websites together.  I call this synchronized website building.  It’s fun, focused and productive.  Suggest that they register a domain name.  If the latter is a possibility then please forward this website building strategy article to them and coordinate your activities so that you can learn from each.  Give all your strategic partners the launch date of your website so all of you can have sufficient time to prepare some cross-promotional content (blog articles, webinars…).  Major corporations do this all the time.  

Summary steps of synchronized website building:

  1. Find potential strategic partners (established businesses, startups, consultants…)
  2. For those who have websites already: Ask them when they plan to upgrade their site.
  3. For those who are building their websites: Ask them when they plan to build their sites
  4. Register your domain name(s) and make social media groups with a similar name
  5. Ask your future partners to do the same as step 4
  6. Create the content for a simple 5 page website. Quality before quantity.  Less is usually more.
  7. Set a date that you will start working on constructing your website. Inform your partners of that date.
  8. If some of your partners build their websites at roughly the same time as yours, then help each other.
  9. Paste your content in your 5 page website.  Make a basic design or add your own images.
  10. Offer to interlink with strategic partners or write blog articles for or about each other.
  11. Publish your website and ask for feedback from friends, contacts, partners.  Adjust your site with their feedback.
  12. Promote your published website, hopefully at the same time your partners publish or upgrade theirs.

Since domain names and websites are now so affordable they make a great year-long gift for company employees, and association members especially at the beginning of a new year.  It’s a great way to follow the passions of your staff and members as well as helping them learn a thing or two about content marketing.  Perhaps this could stimulate “intrapreneurship” a phenomenon that started back in 2007 and has been steadily increasing ever since!


-sylvain (link to the full article)

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