Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration Explained

Building your own website can be an exciting thing but also a challenge especially for those who are setting their website up for the first time, trying to make the most creative and remarkable project.

A lot of confusion exists about how domain registration and web hosting works and what the difference is between them, although they are closely connected and both required for a website. Most online providers these days offer all of these services, so is it really necessary to understand the differences. So we are here to help you, with this post you will see what differences are ?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website name. This should not only be easy to recall, but should be simple to type. You cannot use it to store anything . People are going to search for your domain while looking up your website. To obtain domain name , you will have to contact a domain service provider such as Sibername. Once the domain name is purchased, you will have sole ownership and rights to your website.
Having a paid domain is to protect your brand name. Your paid domain name tells your site visitors about your website. Let your domain name speaks for your website. This is extremely important to retain your visitors to your website. Keep the name simple and crisp and something closely related to your business. Some people prefer to register their domain names based on their Company Names. This is a good practice as people know your company name and they tend to key in your company name while searching for you on the web. You can also look for catchy phrases in your brochures or promotional pamphlets. The existence of your domain name represents the existence of your company and your brand. A domain name can be purchased by going to what’s called a domain name registrar. In most cases, a domain name will cost you around $15 a year. After every year (or after every two years, depending on your initial purchase) the domain needs to be renewed.

What is web hosting services?

Web hosting is what allows your website to be viewed on the internet. A hosting company houses your files and gives you storage space on the web. A web hosting company is the heartbeat of your website, the full functionality of your web resource will solely depend on this. It is imperative that you choose the best hosting provider on the market. Is actually the storage space itself where you can store the content of your website in it.
Are different kinds of web hosting platforms based on your requirements and the type of website you want to host: Shared hosting platforms (where you share a server machine with other customers of the hosting firm), dedicated hosting platforms (where you get a whole machine to yourself), and specialized WordPress hosting.
When it comes to choosing a web hosting there are a number of factors that make local hosting attractive to business owners. Local hosting companies can provide a personal touch when it comes to customer service. Web hosting with a local hosting provider also offers speed and performance advantages for small businesses. Pay attention and get the best reputable host firm.
I hope you found this information useful on the differences between domain name and web hosting, thanks for reading and feel free to contact out customer support for more details.


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