Why Webhosting is Important – Avoid Free Hosting Services

It is important when determining your web hosting needs that you also consider the goals of your website and online presence.

Imagine the following scenario: you are an active blogger whose site has yet to gather lots of traffic. One day, you write a very intelligent and ground breaking article and post it on your freebie web host platform. You receive a few rounds of appraisal, shares and comments and feel genuinely pleased with yourself. You call it a day shut your laptop off only to wake up the next morning to see that your blog has been wiped out of existence.

You frantically reach for your phone and call your web hosting service provider, a customer service representative then informs you that due to excessive sharing and downloading of your article, they have decided to remove your blog. Chances are your freebie web host will tell you they can only put your website back up if you pay the broadband cost of the thousands of reads and downloads you accumulated from the day before. The cost may be too high and if you cannot afford it, it will mean more waiting, languishing until you get your access back.

You watch as your moment of fame, slips out of your hands, while other copycat bloggers borrow your thoughts and content and re-write another version of your blog that goes viral.

Imagine another scenario: you are a small business company bravely entering the world of commerce. You start to develop a solid customer base over time as your business slowly starts to grow, your website starts to gain steam and generate some sales. Suddenly, on a day where you have received many orders and with no prior warning your web host server goes down. Your connection with the potential clients is gone and your reputation and professional image are on the line. A few hours let alone a few days offline can be ruinous to any business, whether large or small.

The above scenarios share one common theme. There is more to choosing a Web hosting service than choosing the cheapest one. If you are just starting your own blog or business, do not look for ways to pinch pennies through web hosting.

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