With the Perfect Domain Name, Anything is Possible Ebrahim Keshavarz

EBRAHIM KESHAVARZ Senior Vice President, Product Management at Verisign

With the Perfect Domain Name, Anything is Possible Ebrahim Keshavarz

This is a trend report published by cloudfest 2018 with the help of http://www.domainsbot.com.

As companies move more and more of their customer and partner interaction online,
the importance of a domain name has only increased. Ebrahim Keshavarz, Senior Vice
President, Product Management at Verisign, introduced NameStudio API at CloudFest
2018, showcasing the power, flexibility, and simplicity of this REST-based API.

Verisign believes that with the perfect domain name, anything is possible. NameStudio
API, which launched late in 2017, is a sophisticated domain name suggestion
service that can deliver great .com and .net domain names, as well as relevant domain
name suggestions across a wide range of over 1500 TLDs. “Domain names are the
common denominator for many services”, said Keshavarz—new businesses’ social
media accounts will often point back to a central website: “The domain is the one thing
that kind of ties these pieces together.” From search visibility to email, the domain
name has value beyond the website itself.

Verisign NameStudio API is a free tool backed by machine learning algorithms and
can be easily implemented with an online platform. If you’re selling hosting, cloud services,
websites, or email, said Keshavarz, you can use this tool to help your customers
make the best decisions possible.

A critical part of NameStudio was the ability to understand different languages: as
Verisign’s Scott Schnell also pointed out at CloudFest, localization strongly affects
how domain names are chosen and used. NameStudio currently supports 10 different
languages, and can distinguish between personal names from keywords—and the
machine learning helps NameStudio get better at what it does over time. Also, added
Keshavarz, the tool is customizable to your business in terms of, for example, the TLDs
you offer, the number of results you offer, and geolocation: “It’s not just a powerful tool,
but it’s something that you control how it gets implemented for your end users.”

Keshavarz pointed to customer feedback during NameStudio’s beta test, which
showed high levels of satisfaction from users all over the world. Business owners
said that the tool boosted their conversion rates, thus making them more money. “It’s
literally one or two lines of code that you put into your system to start generating queries,”
said Keshavarz. During a live demo of NameStudio, Keshavarz walked the audience
through suggestions for a dog walker app. Upon inputting dogwalkerapp.com,
NameStudio broke that into three instantly-recognizable words—”dog”, “walker”, and
“app”,—along with suggested prefixes and suffixes. Turns out doggywalkerapp.com
was available, but topdogwalkerapp.com just sounded better. In getting rid of “app”,
a reconfigured recommendation was dogwalkercompany.com. “We help the end user
find the names they love,” said Keshavarz.

Coinciding CloudFest 2018, Keshavarz announced improved language recommendations
for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish; as well as enhanced

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