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How to use Core FTP for upload ?

If you are ready with your site or you want to download/upload any stuff in your hosting server using FTP tool then this tutorial will guide you the exact steps. Before you can upload any file to your site, you will need Hosting Package . Once you signup for the hosting service then you will get Welcome Mail which contains all the information including FTP details as well. It will be like this

1. Your FTP host name is

Tip: You can use as a host in the meantime until your domain request has been approved .

2. Your username is username

3. Your password is password

4. Your home page must be named index.html, index.htm, index.cgi, index.pgp etc
5. Please place all of your Internet files only in the www or public_html directory Anything you will upload inside public_html or www folder it will apear as .

Connecting to a FTP server

In order to connect to a FTP server, we will first set up a site in the Site Manager.

To get to the Site Manager, click on the    button on the top left hand of the screen

or the    button on the right side of the main window.

Once you have started up the site manager, the first thing you want to do is click on the “new site” button.  This will set up a new site profile that we will use to connect to a FTP server.

Once this information has been entered, click the “connect” button and you should see the following connection dialog:

There will be logs. These log shows the progress of the connection being established.  Remember that if you are using a dialup account, you need to already be connected to the internet.  If the connection is made, the connection dialog will disappear and you should be returned to the main Core FTP screen.

Upon successful connection, you will see the right (remote) list of files listed.  These are files that are on the remote server.

Transferring files (upload/download)

Once you have established a connection to a server, you can now start transferring files between your computer and the remote FTP server

Now navigate or check your local site files which you want to upload. Once you have pressed the upload button, Core FTP will transfer the file to the remote server.  When the transfer is complete, you should see the remote file in the remote directory listing.  If the file has been uploaded to the server successfully, it can now be viewed in a web browser.

When creating a website, you have to upload your web pages to the FTP server so that the rest of the internet  can view them via a web browser.  One of the more common files you will deal with is an index.html file.  This file is the first file that will be browsed when someone goes to visit your website.

Your files on your computer are displayed in the local directory listing which is on the left side of the screen.  This tutorial assumes you know how to locate your files on your hard drive.   Many web page editors will put your files in your “My Documents” or other easy to find places.

To upload a file to the FTP server, all you have to do is select (hilight) the index.html file in the local directory listing, and then click on the upload button.   You can alternatively right click on the selected file, and select upload, or click and drag the file over to the remote directory listing.

Important : It should be uploaded same as in your local computer including file and folders ( showing in PIC) 

To download/upload a file, simply select the files in the remote directory listing, and hit the download/upload button.If you already have the files locally then Select ‘overwrite’ if you want to overwrite the file.  Overwriting will replace the file.  If you do not wish to overwrite the file, hit cancel.

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