WebsiteMatic Plus (Yola) FAQ

WebsiteMatic Plus (Yola) Tutorial How to start using Website Builder What is a Widget? How do I add text to my site? How do I add pictures to my site? How do I copy/duplicate a page? How do I add a new page to my site? How do I delete a page? How do I […]

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How to point my domain to

Q : How to point my domain to . I want to point my site to which is weebly IP. This is done by changing my domain’s A-Records. I am not requesting that you transfer my domain, redirect my domain, or change my name servers. I want to remain with you as my […]

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Lost One Year when Transferring a Domain Name

In any domain name Transfer process, there are three entities involved: Domain Name Owner (Registrant) Gaining (New) Registrar Losing (Current) Registrar Typically, a domain name is transferred sometime before its Expiry, in order to renew it with the Gaining Registrar. This results in one year getting added to the domain name’s Expiry Date. The charges […]

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How to access WebsiteMatic Light one page free website tool

Please follow the steps given below :- > Go to Use your email account and Password for the accounts area ( If password is not working then you can use “Forgot your password?” option to get a temp one . Once you are inside then check WebsiteMatic Light 1-page website builder tool for your […]

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How do I create a counter?

You can create a page hit counter in Cpanel under CGI Center. Click on Counter. Select your settings. Be sure to set Max Digits and Style. Type a name into the Counter Name box. It must be a unique name for each counter and while it is stored as a .dat file, you do not […]

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How to redirect one domain name to another website or location

Please login to or you can use ( to manage only one domain) Click on “List Your Domain Names” under Domain Name Services Click on the domain name which you want to redirect or manage Click on “URL forwarding” Now you are inside URL Forwarding area Domain Name: Destination URL : Where […]

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How to change expiry date and credit card details ?

In order to change the expiry date of your credit card, please login at Now you can find the option called auto renewal settings. Another option is to renew the domain name, that way the credit card on file will also be updated.

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How to Change the ownership for a domain name by e-mailing us from the current administrative e-mail contact ?

For .CA domain names only: create a CIRA user through this form. In order for the new Registrant to manage the domain name through our web site, we need a new user created at Please make sure the email of the new user match the new registrant contact email. Please make a payment of […]

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How to create strong password ?

Tips how to create a strong password: a password should be made up of six characters or more; a password can contain digits, Latin characters, space and special characters («.», «,», «?», «!», «<», «>», «”», etc.); it is highly advised to create a password which includes a combination of upper- and lower-case alphabetic letters and digits. […]

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How search engine find my website ( For One Page Free Site ) .

You can check the details via . Also, You can do it via   Once you are inside then Main Menu >> Webmaster >> and fill the information there under Site Information. It will work for search engines.

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When does .com/.net/.org domain become available if it not renewed.

The deletions are preformed by Verisign Global Registry Services, and they do not publish a timetable of when they delete domains i’m afraid. If the domain you’re asking about is not renewed within the 40 day normal expiry period, it goes into the 30 day redemption period and then the 5 day deletion process. 75 […]

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Telephone Number Format for .com/.net/.org domains

From Oct 29, 2003 on, registration for .com/.net/.org domains will require a uniform format for telephone/fax number: +[country code].[phone/fax number]. For example, +1.4156656387. Please note that this change will only adapt to new registrations and modifications.

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Selecting your second level domain

Each second level domain beneath each top level domain is unique. For example, there can only be one However, there may be a,, etc. Before registering for a specific second level domain name, one must first conduct a search to see if the desired name is available. It is important for a […]

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I misspelled my domain name, Can I replace it?

If your domain is older than 3 days, it can not be cancelled. If it is less than 3 days old, we can cancel it at the regisrty. But they will charge us a service fee which we have to reflect to you. The fee is 6$ if you have the domain less than 3 […]

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Can I change the whois details?

Yes, You can perform the changes to your whois details through your domain manager interface. For .ca domains, you will not be able to change the registrant name through the domain manager. To change a registrant name for .ca domains, please follow this article.

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