How to FTP using FileZilla

FileZilla is a free open source software and mostly used FTP Tool you can download at the following link. Filezilla Client Tool Download Recommended process is using FileZilla Site manager configuration. Please follow the steps given below. Open up your FileZilla program. Site Manager in FileZillaOn the top left, click the Site manager button. Create […]

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What directory should I put my site page or files in?

Hosting Directory Structure Its very important to know about the directory and structure of your hosting space. If you are going to upload your site pages or documents under your hosting space then you will need to know which and where to upload files so they apear where they should be. The specific directory you […]

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How to create strong password ?

Tips how to create a strong password: a password should be made up of six characters or more; a password can contain digits, Latin characters, space and special characters («.», «,», «?», «!», «<», «>», «”», etc.); it is highly advised to create a password which includes a combination of upper- and lower-case alphabetic letters and digits. […]

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Best way to transfer my site to sibername without any downtime

 Select hosting package and signup:- Signup for the hosting package as per your requirement via . Dont know which hosting package ? then send us a mail at We will help you. Once signup is done then you will get welcome email which contains all the details including cpanel , FTP and other […]

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Why does my FTP connection keep dropping?

This is a result of one of three things (in general): 1. A local Firewall or Anti-Virus software is severing the connection. To check this, TEMPORARILY deactivate your firewall / Anti-Virus software and try again. (Make sure to check your local windows firewall if you are running windows.) If your Anti-Virus software was the cause […]

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What is an FTP tool and How do I use it to upload my pages

You can find everything on the internet these days, google searches etc but we think these are some of the best places to find an FTP program: -A general software download site -An FTP client for Windows: or -An FTP client for Macintosh: You might also try a quick search using […]

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How to publish websites created with iWeb

How to Publish using iWeb Step 1: Open iWeb and load your website you wish to publish Step 2: Click the site title in the left menu to setup your publishing settings Step 3: Configure your window to the following settings. (Notes to specific information are at the bottom) PUBLISHING: Publish to: Select “FTP Server” […]

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How to publish websites created with Dreamweaver?

1) Go to Site 2) Click “Manage Sites” 3) Select your website name and choose edit 4) Enter a title for your site ex: My website is here 5) Enter the domain for yout site ex: 6) Click Next 7) Click “No, I don’t want to use server technology” if any of these are […]

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How do I upload/configure Dreamweaver?

To configure dreamweaver and most adobe products, you would want to do these general steps: -Site | Manage Site -Then choose: New or Edit site -Then choose: Advanced tab -Then choose: Remote Info -Access: FTP -FTP Host:, or better our Server IP Address -Host Directory: /public_html -Login: yourCpanelUsername (as found in your Welcome Letter) […]

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Creating FTP Accounts

An FTP account creates a folder on the public_html level of your site that allows external users that know the password to upload and download files from that location. Change your password if you think that your account is being used incorrectly. Note: Please be aware that all users with the correct password will be […]

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Register a Domain Name Canada

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