FTP settings for FileZilla 3.10.x and 3.11.x

Use the details same as showing in screenshot to connect to FTP. Please replace your FTP details ( do not use youdomain.com or sibername.com) only to connect. If you gets any issue then send us a mail at support@sibername.com =================== Settings for FileZilla 3.10.x =================== =================== Settings for FileZilla 3.11.x ===================    

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ASP / ODBC info

How can I create and use a File DSN? The following is an example of a file DSN. They are easy to setup, and in most cases faster than a system DSN: Set DSNConn = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”) DSNConn.Open “DBQ=” & Server.MapPath(“database.mdb”) & “;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DriverId=25;MaxBufferSize=8192;Threads=20;”, “admin”, “” What are Active Server Pages (ASP)? Active Server […]

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A form returns a Frontpage Server error message instead of posting a confirmation page and sending the form results as an email.

The reason you are receiving the error message is because you are trying to send the form’s information to an email address that is not within your domain name, which Front Page does not allow. You can still send the mail to the outside address, but you must first create an email alias under your […]

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What is the .NET version of the framework you support on the .NET server

We support upto .NET version 4.0

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What is the absolute path of my web site files

The path for yourdomain.com is [C:hshomeyourusernameyourdomain.com] That makes the path for the database folder at the same level [C:hshomeyourusernamedatabase]

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What components are available on Windows servers

These are the components available on the Windows Servers: Persits Software -AspEmail -AspEncrypt -Aspgrid -AspImage -Aspjpeg -Aspupload -XUpload W3Jmail ( Free version ) Dundas -3DPieCSC -AspMail -ASPUpload ServerObjects -Aspcrypt -Aspdns -Aspexec -Aspfile -Asphttp3 -Aspimag -AspInet -Aspmail -Aspmx -Aspnntp -Aspping -Asppop3 -Asp sock -imgsize -GUIDMake -ASPQMail ASPSimpleUpload ASPTear CDONTS URLInterface

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Adding 404 and other error pages

In order to add error pages, please folow the instructions below: Log into the hspehere control panel and clicked on Web Options. Click “Add” next to “Error” and selected “URL” then add the error file of your choice and click “Submit”

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.NET Control Panel H-SPHERE User Guide

H-SPEHER User Guide

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Creating a CSR and installing SSL on H-SPEERE

You can install an SSL Certificate through h-spehere 1) Make sure SSL is enabled in your plan. (Note: shared SSL is not supported) 2) Make sure this user has a dedicated IP available. If you need to change to a dedicated IP, there may be some downtime, so please plan for that. 3) Login to […]

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Procedure to follow after an upgrade from Standard Web Hosting plan to .NET web hosting plan

If we have upgraded your plan from Standard Hosting to .NET Hosting Plan, your credit card in file will be charged by the difference of the plans if you pay by the credit card. You should do the following for a smooth transition: – Please read the documentation about the H-SPHERE CONTROL PANEL WHICH WILL […]

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How To access Web Mail

Please login to http://mail.yourdomain.com to access your email by using your browser. Please replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name

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Exact path for the access database connection

In order to connect to the access database, please use the following connection string strConnString = Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=D:\hshome\main_folder_name\ subfolder_address_to_the_database\name_of_the_database.mdb You can get the main folder name for your account by logging in to the ftp. as an example the following is a connection for the user kjordin to the access database kjmoviedb.mdb under the subfolder […]

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List of Installed ASP Components

Here is the list of ASP components installed on the windows servers: ctivePerl PHP ZendOptimizer FrontPage 2002 Microsoft Data Access Components MYodbc Persits Software AspEmail AspEncrypt Aspgrid AspImage Aspjpeg Aspupload XUpload W3Jmail ( Free version ) Dundas 3DPieCSC AspMail ASPUpload ServerObjects Aspcrypt Aspdns Aspexec Aspfile Asphttp3 Aspimag AspInet Aspmail Aspmx Aspnntp Aspping Asppop3 Asp sock […]

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Cold Fusion – MS Access Database

Microsoft no longer supports the “Microsoft Access Driver” (There is another drive they recommend when connecting to an access database, the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0. Driver) ColdFusion MX does not support Connection Strings, nor does its DSN setup support the “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0” driver. It supports the “Microsoft Access driver”. Since the “Microsoft Access Driver” has been discovered to cause […]

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