How do I setup mail in BlackBerry ?

Here is the settings you should be having there.

1. From your BlackBerry home screen, select the BlackBerry Set-up icon, then choose Personal Email Set-up. (On older devices, just look for the Personal Email Set-up icon.)
2. Select Personal Email Set-up.
3. Accept Terms and Conditions.
4. On the ‘Email Account Set-up’ page, enter your full email address (including’) but leave the ‘Password:’ field blank. Select Next.
5. You’ll see a screen that says ‘We were unable to configure [].’ Select I will provide the settings to add this email account, then Next.
6. Select Internet Service Provider Email (POP), then Next.
7. Select I will provide the settings to add this email account, then Next.
8. You’ll see ‘The BlackBerry Internet Service could not configure ( email account.’ Select Provide The Settings to continue.
9. In the ‘User name:’ field, enter your full email address ( Then enter your password in the ‘Password:’ field.
10. In the ‘Email server:’ field, enter ‘’ then select Next.
11. If POP access was successfully configured, select OK.
12. Below your newly added address, select Edit.
13. Select Advanced Settings at the bottom.
14. Make sure the port is set to ‘
110 for POP,
26 or 25 for Smtp and ‘Use SSL’ is set to ‘NO.’
15. Select Save.
There should now be a new mailbox icon on your BlackBerry home screen labeled with your you@yourdomainname.comm address. Once you see this icon, follow these steps to ensure proper configuration:

1. Open the mailbox icon.
2. Open the menu by pressing the jog wheel or BlackBerry menu button, then select Options.
3. Select Email Reconciliation.
4. Confirm the following settings:
* Delete On: Mailbox & Handheld
* Wireless Reconcile: On
* On Conflicts: Mailbox Wins
5. Select Save.
6. Check our recommended client settings, and adjust your client’s settings as needed.

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