Once your site is Published, your store will include both a Mini Cart that customers use as they Add individual products to the Cart and a full Cart they’ll see when they’re ready to checkout. Let’s take a look at both!
The Mini Cart appears in the site’s navigation menu whenever a customer adds a product to their cart.
This cart is always accessible from the Cart link in the navigation menu, allowing a customer to make changes to the order or checkout whenever they’re ready. The look of the Cart is designed around the specific theme and fonts you’ve selected while creating your site, so it’ll be a perfect fit with the rest of your site.
Once a customer is ready to Checkout, they’ll see the full Shopping Cart.
This cart is also designed for your site’s specific theme and uses the font settings you selected under the Design tab. Your customer can easily Continue Shopping from here if they decide they want to buy more of your fantastic products or they can Checkout and pay you. What they’ll see at Checkout changes slightly depending on whether you’re using Stripe or Paypal to manage payment.
If you’re using Stripe, your customer will fill out their Shipping and Billing info right on your site through a secure https connection to complete their order then and there.
If you’re using PayPal then your customer will fill out their Shipping info right on your site through a secure https connection and then click a Checkout with PayPal button to use PayPal’s own secure payment form to complete their order.
In both cases you’ll be notified as soon as their payment is processed so that you can ship their order right out to them.