SSL error in Address Bar

Question : I have SSL service installed . Why my website address bar gives connection is not secure and some parts of this webpage are insecure ?

# Firefox and Chrome says your website’s connection is not secure and some parts of this webpage are insecure. You see this message because your website contains insecure URL’s. For example,

Line 5 <link rel=”canonical” href=””/>
 Line 38 <form action=”” method=”post” role=”form”>
 Line 256 <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

This error means that there are elements in your SSL secured pages that are being accessed from a non SSL secured page. A typical example of this is an image that resides in a non-SSL protected directory.

For example, a page that is loaded securely (via https), contains an image tag within the source code such as &ltimg src = In this case the image is being called absolutely using the non-secure (http) protocol and will thus cause this warning.

This type of warning can be solved by:

1.) Moving the image file to the portion of the site that is https secure, e.g.,; or

2.) Making the links relative to the root directory by adding a backslash before the file name. As in the following example:

< img src=”/myimage.gif” >

This would translate to both:

< img src=”” >
< img src=”” >

So, you need to find such lines of code in your website and change the protocol of the URL from HTTP to ‘HTTPS‘. To find the insecure URL’s on Google Chrome, follow the below instructions.

1. While on your website in Chrome, simply press F12 (or) Click the padlock icon and the open ‘Details‘. It will open a window like following,


2. Click ‘View requests in Network Panel‘, the next page will ask you to ‘Press F5‘. Do it and wait for Chrome to find the insecure URL’s on your website !



3. Now that you have found the insecure URL’s, find the corresponding lines of code on your website and change the URL to use ‘HTTPS‘. If you have changed all the URL’s to use ‘HTTPS‘, then you will see the change just like the below screenshot.



Also, we have mentioned the fix for wordpress users.


How to move wordpress site from HTTP to HTTPS .


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