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Why should you register a domain name?

If you want to move your business or create a new business online, you must start by registering your domain name. A domain name makes you unique among the other brands on the internet. Whether you are running a small shop or a big enterprise, by registering a .ca domain name and having a website under that domain name, you can present your products and services to the world.

How do you Register a .CA Domain Name in Canada?
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  • Step 1: You may have a lot of great ideas for the domain names you want. If your top pick is available, then congrats! In a few short clicks, that domain name can be yours.
  • Step 2: When you register your domain name, It’s your moment of glory. Once you’ve found the right domain name and it is still available, simply register it by proceeding with the registration process on our website.
  • Step 3: Make sure you follow these tips - Always register your domain name yourself. - Choose a strong password for your account with your Registrar. - Provide the right contact information.

More reasons to register a .CA Domain Name

With a small investment of your domain name registration, you will earn a great value for your relatively small expense. You can register a domain name through using our website. You can rely on us. We are one of a handful ICANN, CIRA, and Eurid Accredited Canadian Domain Name Registrars and doing business since the year 2000.

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100% Canadian

.CA represents Canada. Canadians think websites with .ca extensions are more trustworthy;

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Higher Ranking on Google

A .ca domain name ranks higher on search engines like compared with the extensions .com or .net because of the local search feature of the Google search engine.

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More Domain Names to Choose From

Other generic and popular domain extensions such as .com have less choices available. At the end of the year 2019 there were 145 million .com domain names registered globally.


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With the advantageous prices and features like free website, email and privacy, along with 24/7 available premium support service, would you like to transfer your domain name to us?

how to register .ca domain
how to register .ca domain

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FAQs For Domain Names

Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions about our services from our valued customers.

How to register ca domain name in Canada?

There are many companies offering domain name registration service in Canada. You need to decide your domain name fist. If you can not choose a domain name, you can use our domain name generator. Remember, your domain name is your brand. By visiting SiberName domain name registration page, you can choose and buy your domain name in simple steps.

How much does it cost to register a domain name in Canada?

If you are seeing different prices to register .ca domain names, they can be seasonal campaigns run by different companies with different list of free options to try their service out before committing to a larger amount that you will be charged for your domain name renewal. SiberName has been a reliable service provider since 2000. Please check our free offers with each domain name.

None of the other companies offer a full service with each domain name registration. Some of the free services offered by SiberName are an easy way to build your website by using Weebly website builder, 2 business email addresses comes with each domain name registration, and default whois search privacy protection.

Who is the best domain name registrar?

SiberName is a 100% Canadian company and a one of the few CIRA certified domain name registrars, meaning registering domain names directly through CIRA. We provide the best technical support and prices in our sector. You can register the most popular domain name extension of Canada through SiberName and you can manage your domain name through our user friendly domain name manager. Please also remember, we are here for you 24/7 every day of the year.

What is a domain name registration?

Domain name represents the name of a website. All active websites are connected to a domain name and a website hosting service. Web hosting service keeps your website files in a safe and accessible location. Domain name is the address used to access your website and also represents your company. For example, SiberName is a brand and its domain name is Registering a domain name is the first step to be online and is very easy to do.

How much is a domain name in Canada?

.ca domain name is the most popular domain name extension used for website addresses in Canada. It does not cost much to register a .ca domain name.The most needed extra services you need with your domain name such as website builder and business email are offered free of charge with SiberName.If you want to register a .ca Canadian Domain Name. You can see cheaper prices offered by the competitors ranging from $9 to $50.

None of them include the services you need to start your business online free of charge or include it temporarily to upsell these products later. So we do not try to upsell any product and give you all you need with a great price during the time of your Canadian domain name registration.

How do I get a domain name?

It is very easy. Just search for the domain names you like and if it is available, enter your domain name details, make the payments. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you make the final requirement of making payment. If there is no problem with your details such as Postal Code or Phone number, your domain name will be registered through the registry immediately.

There are technical needs to be done in the background to bring your business online and keep it up and running for 24/7, protecting it from spammers. You do not need to know any coding or technical details, or whois privacy protection , IP address. Just focus on your business. With the help of our award winning 24/7 technical support, Registering your domain name will protect your brand name and rights over the internet.

Advantages of a .ca domain name in Canada

.CA domain name is specific to the country of Canada. It represents an entity such as a business, organization or a person in Canada. In other words, a website with .ca extension can not be operated by a non Canadian entity. Using a .ca domain name will also be advantageous for you to rank higher in Google local search results.

How to Choose The Right Domain Registrar?

SiberName is a CIRA certified Canadian Domain Name Registrar since 2000. SiberName offers the add on services you need either free of charge or with very affordable prices; Your business online will need easy access to technical support when you need help to do something with your website or email address. Our technical service department is the best and we have a 4.7 star rating out of 5 with Google reviews. We also go extra mile to help our customers free of charge.

Domain Name Registration Process

Domain name registration involves 3 parties. The registry, the registrar and the registrant. The registry for .ca domain name is CIRA, The registrar is the bridge between you and the registry. By registering a domain name you would be the registrant. We simply register your domain name with your details at the registry.

  • The first step is to search for your perfect domain name and find a domain name that is not registered yet. The second step would be to create your account with us as your registrar and enter the details such as name, address, email address and phone number you would like to use with your domain name registration.
  • Once the payment step is completed, we send your registration request to the CIRA registry and your domain name would be registered under your details you have used during the signup process.
  • You can register a domain name from 1 year up to 10 years; With our auto-renewal service, you can rest assured we will be renewing your domain name before it expires.
  • With our user control panel you can start building your website and access your emails. Also set the auto renewal and other settings such as DNS servers. You can also update your details through the panel very easily in a few steps. is an ICANN Accredited Registrar

ICANN Certified Registrar is a CIRA Certified Registrar is an Authority (CIRA) certified .CA Domain Name Registrar