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About .Storage

.Storage is the trusted namespace for the entire storage industry. It is the tenth unrestricted domain extension brought to market by XYZ, registry operator of .xyz.

Whether you operate a business or work independently, you can claim your space with YourCity.Storage, YourNeighborhood.Storage, YourIndustry.Storage, or YourService.Storage. All .Storage domains are available for 1 standard fee, including 1-character domains and valuable keywords, and there are no verification requirements to register.

Why choose a .STORAGE domain name?

  1. .Storage is the trusted namespace for the entire storage industry
  2. Premium domain endings, like .Storage, have been proven to increase SEO
  3. Businesses should protect trademarks & high-cost domain acquisitions
  4. Upgrade existing domains to short, mobile-friendly .Storage URLs
  5. Secure keyword-rich .Storage domains for 1 standard price
  6. .Storage offers complimentary white-glove website migrations

Domains for the storage industry

  1. Storage is an $80 billion/year industry supported by 60,000+ combined facilities & data storage providers
  2. The industry is growing exponentially with the emergence of gig economies and new independent businesses
  3. At least 8 of America’s biggest commercial landlords operate warehousing or industrial space1
  4. .Storage is the online real estate supporting this industry
  5. .Storage domains promote consumer trust for every storage vertical

Physical storage Data storage
Self storage Local drive storage
Dry warehousing Network storage
Logistics Cloud storage
Vehicle, boat, & plane storage Backup storage
Moving services File sharing services
Cold storage Optical storage

SEO benefits

  1. Premium domain endings have proven SEO benefits. XYZ operates:
    • .Cars/.Car./.Auto
    • .Security/.Protection
    • .Theatre
    • .Storage
  2. In a case study analyzing the SEO impacts of switching from .com to .Cars, Globe Runner found:
    • Search rankings improved in over 50% of keywords tested for the premium domain, STL.Cars
    • Conversions from organic search increased
    • New sessions increased 7%
    • Referral traffic increased 33%
    • Social media traffic increased 20%

Protect your investment

  1. Secure trademarks & variants to avoid IP falling into the wrong hands

Category Generic domain Suggested domain
Business Name BusinessName.Storage
Facility Location FacilityName.Storage
Branding Keyword.Storage
  1. Register .Storage domains exactly matching high-cost domains acquired in the aftermarket

Domain Aftermarketsale price Upgraded .Storage .Storage retail price $17,750 Media.Storage $99.95/month $16,500 Auto.Storage $99.95/month $12,000 California.Storage $99.95/month $7,500 Philly.Storage | Self.Storage | PhillySelf.Storage $99.95/month

Upgrade your domains

  1. The top 25 most popular websites are 8 characters long
    • The average storage .com domain: 18 characters long3–225% longer
    • Use shorter domains to promote consumer trust
  2. Upgrade existing domains to shorter .Storage URLs
    • Easier to recall
    • Easier to type in mobile devices
    • Lower likelihood of misspelled email address

Category Domain example Upgraded .Storage example .Storage retail price (per domain)
Homepage Smith.Storage | SmithSelf.Storage $99.95/month
Lead generator Self.Storage | LosAngeles.Storage $99.95/month
Location finder Find.Storage | FindSmith.Storage $99.95/month
Account center My.Storage | MySmith.Storage $99.95/month
Reservations Reserve.Storage | ReserveSmith.Storage $99.95/month
Email John@Smith.Storage | John@S.Storage $99.95/month

1 standard price

  1. Secure keyword-rich domains to become an industry authority
    • Self.Storage
    • Vehicle.Storage
    • Moving.Storage
    • Cold.Storage
    • LocalDrive.Storage
    • Network.Storage
    • Cloud.Storage
    • Backup.Storag
  2. All .Storage domains are available for 1 flat price, regardless of length or keywords

Aftermarket domain (currently for sale) Aftermarketasking price .Storage alternative .Storage retail price (per domain) $97,500 Longterm.Storage $99.95/month $94,888 Paperless.Storage /td> $99.95/month $50,700 Free.Storage $99.95/month $27,300 Oklahoma.Storage | OKC.Storage | Mini.Storage $99.95/month $10,000 California.Storage | CA.Storage | Cold.Storage $99.95/month

Complimentary website migration

  1. The .Storage white-glove team will migrate users’ existing websites to their new .Storage URLs
    • Complimentary service for early adopters (normally $10,000)
  2. Trackable benefit
    • Increased search engine rankings & traffic
    • Increased PPC quality scores
    • Increased visibility on mobile-friendly devices
    • Increased memorability & brandability
  3. No risk
    • No website or email downtime
    • SEO scores are maintained
    • Search engine rankings are maintained
    • No lost traffic: all visitors will automatically redirect
    • No lost emails: all messages will automatically redirect

.STORAGE Launch Dates

  • Trademark Holder Landrush Period
    • November 7, 2017 (14:00 UTC) - November 28, 2017 (13:59 UTC)
    • For businesses & trademark holders. No verification or SMD required
  • Early Access Period | For general public priority registration
    • November 28, 2017 (14:00 UTC) - December 5, 2017 (13:59 UTC)
    • Public priority registration
  • General Availability
    • December 5, 2017 (14:00 UTC)
    • Open to the general public is an ICANN Accredited Registrar

ICANN Certified Registrar is a CIRA Certified Registrar is an Authority (CIRA) certified .CA Domain Name Registrar is a BBB Accredited business

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