Here is what our customers have to say about Sibername...

I love the responsiveness and feel totally comfortable that anything we send your way will be completed promptly, communication above everything else is most important to our company and you stand behind what you say.

Andrew Atherton
A Cubed It Solutions Inc.S

Thanks for keeping my inbox so free of spam. Spam went up alarmingly for a while but it is back close to zero again. This makes my day so much hassle-free. Just looked at Sibernames site again. I see our Silver Plan has more of everything - email addresses, disk space, etc. Thanks for that and for keeping things going smoothly.

Best wishes

Zen Centre of Vancouver

Very good and kind customer support, if they dont get to you on the chat, you recieve an email within 10 minutes, cheap prices. Best Domain provider I've ever had.

Cody Wilson

I think Support knows that I love u all - super great response time, easy to understand and implement answers and if I can't do it myself you just do it for me, which I really appreciate. And it's 24/7 which is excellent because I never sleep either and am just as likely to be 8 time zones away as here. Everyone has been unfailingly courteous and has never made me feel stupid which is amazing as I realise that some of my questions are pretty basic! That said, the videos are great, the site layout easy to read and follow, and your prices, well! I did my research before chosing Sibername a couple of years ago, and you are simply the best value. Others look lower priced, but they hide things, and you don't. You give me everything I need and cost me less - what more could anyone ask? You keep me informed, I never lose my domains, and all in all, Sibername is the best. I used another service previously and was constantly having trouble with every department. So kudos all around, guys!

Kareson Media

I recommend Sibername to anyone with a business. It has the best service and pricing in the industry. I have helped many others acquire and develop their own websites with great success! Wonderful staff!

SHeri Gauthier

All my questions have been answered within a timley manner, customer service is always friendly even when I ask silly questions. I am new to the website things and the staff is absolutly wonderful. Thank you for your help

Bonnie Godwin

I think about sibername 99.9 percent excellent and no way any others would be pater than sibername support. thank you very much to every one on 24/7 and keep up the good job.

Samir Korany

Survey Feedback:

The Sibername team has never disappointed. Always prompt, helpful and courteous.

Dan Neville

Survey Feedback:

I have always been pleased with the customer service I have received. The response has been timely and professional.

Jennifer Gatschner

Survey Feedback:

When something goes wrong, you fix it, promptly - that's the most important thing. I've always found Sibername extremely responsive, and have recommended you to others.


Survey Feedback:

I had a small problem setting up permissions on my forum, Sibernames friendly tech support came through immediatly with the info I needed to get everything running smoothly. As I am just starting out, cost is always a factor and the great prices offered by Sibername really help. Thanks again!


Email support is amazingly fast and accurate.



Survey Feedback:

As a beginner in web development, I have sometimes not understood how to accomplish things, but the guys at Sibername, particularly Umut, have been very helpful.


Survey Feedback:

I rated Pricing as good because there are many companies selling similar or identical services a fair bit cheaper than Sibername. This is not a criticism, but an observation as customer service and product quality cost a lot and in the end run, the customer must pay for this if he/she wants it.

After having tried a few of the cheaper merchants, I have returned to Sibername because the quality and customer service found here are simply excellent.

I thank you for the quality of your products and your level of customer service, and I am more than happy to pay the price for these.


Survey Feedback:

I have had many years of trouble free motoring with sibername.com and continue to recommend them to family, friends and business associates.


Survey Feedback:

I've valued the fact that you have a mechanism to take support calls directly (via email). Another hosting company I've used (SiteGround.com) makes a point not to allow users access to real information. In fact they state that if the answer you seek isn't in their knowledge base, then they don't support it! My issues tend to be things like server configuration issues (especially when it gets changed) so having you guys respond through an open channel like email is really appreciated.


Survey Feedback:

I just want to say that I have used your company for two other webpages also. You have been absolutely perfect, thank you.


Survey Feedback:

I have had nothing but excellent response/results from your support staff on every occasion that I needed their assisatnce, either online or via email.


Survey Feedback:

No complaints! Packages are well priced and service is exceptional.


I have had excellent service, even when I was being a bonehead.


I have never experienced such fast, friendly, and effective service. Sibername is amazing at what they do and not only have I raved about the site to all my friends, but I also intend to be a customer for as long as possible. I especially love the 24 hour service... the people are super curteous and have gotten me out of jams on at least three occasions. You guys rock!


I just wanted to send you folks a message to thank you on the great job you are doing in blocking the SPAM email. I get verrrry little SPAM and have no trouble with valid email being blocked.

As an IT Professional I know how difficult a job it is keeping on top of this nuisance, great job.

Bruce Marden

Your team helped me to transfer my domain within a few hours, and it was fast and simple.

Thanks a lot!

Benoit Poirier

I am up and running many thanks.
I must say I am impressed with your service. I was a little leary when starting but now I am more than pleased that I made the decision to transfer to your hosting service. You are the third service I have used and you leave the others in the dust. Your customer support is excellent.
Again many thanks.


Hi Bulent,

If your clients are anything like mine the only time you hear from them is when they are unhappy.

As a result, when I receive great service, I also let the owner know: hence my message.

The last couple of days I have had no end of trouble getting one of my sites to load. Though we are still back and forth on it, your tech support people have been really good to deal with, and very responsive.

It is level of service I would not find elsewhere, and one of the main reasons I use Sibername for all of my hosting accounts..

Please pass on my thanks to your team.

Scott Ruddick, MBA
email: sruddick at gmail

Hi Karthik, I am really impressed with your service. Please use my message as a testimonial of your fantastic services. I received your email instruction in minutes and resolved the problem instantly and completely. I am particularly grateful because this is Sunday midday. I was expecting to get a response on Monday.

Way Yuan

TCM works, the best way to health.

My current email provider, mailshell.com, became unresponsive (they
are now going out of business) so I tried another email hosting
company, neomailbox.com. Things worked, but support was nearly non-
existent. That's when I found out my domain registrar, Sibername,
also did email hosting. WOW, what a difference. Everything got done
FAST and I got all the support I needed very quickly. I'm a tough
customer and complain loudly when I don't believe I am getting my
money's worth. So here I am complimenting loudly for a great product
and great service. Thanks!


I've been a customer for a couple of years now. This is a thank you for the great service you provide.

It is exactly what our construction business needs:

Sibername is completely transparent in the background, day after day, hour after hour.

When I've had problems that required Sibername intervention (my
problems), you were there, essentially immediately.

Thank you very much, you are an important part of providing a seamless customer service to our construction business.

Robert Wilson,Winnipeg, MB

Since signing up with Sibername nearly two years ago, I. ve been impressed with the high level of service I. ve received. All of my inquiries have been dealt with quickly and effectively, which I can. t say has been the case with other providers in the past. I have also been using the WebsiteMatic feature in the last month or so and have found it meets my needs nicely. And, it. s already included in my hosting fee! What a treat not to be tackled with additional fees.

Kudos for keeping the emphasis on customers.

Cynthia Kinnunen
Freelance Writer

I really appreciate all of your help and support that you provide us. You and your team at Sibername have been instrumental in our recent growth. Your commitment to customer service and support is what sets you far apart from the competition. I just wanted to let you and your team know just how much Net Source Technologies enjoys doing business with Sibername. ---

Carl McBride



thanks a lot! Here, truly want to say thanks again to you, Emre & the whole team for all your wonderful help. no one can compete w/ your high level of service & support & this's one of the main reason to keep me stay w/ sibername hosting.

You may place it on the testimonials page. hee...hee....i decided to sign up w/ sibername because i saw the testimonials page too. i believe this's the main bridge for people to get to know more abt the efficiency & high quality services of Sibername Hosting & people'll think they made the right decision after signing up w/ Sibername.

Best Regards,



Hello to everyone on the Sibername Team;

I would just like to take the time to thank everyone at Sibername for all the great work.

I have been with your wonderful company for 2 years now and I just have to say that I am really impressed with the high level of service and support. While there have been minor problems, they have been few and far between, and there is *always* a quick response to anything that comes up. For instance, recently I notice my media website wasn't allowing user uploads larger than 2meg, even though it had previously been set to accept 50meg uploads. Something was reset on a server somewhere, I thought. Within 40 min's. of reporting the problem, it was fixed! In fact, my upload limit was increased to 60meg per file! That is just one instance of the few problems I have had, each one being dealt with promptly and professionally.

Hats off to all of the staff at Sibername who make this such a great hosting company. After all of the horror stories I read about other hosting companies, it was so nice to have my very first internet hosting experience be so smooth. Keep up the fantastic work, folks.

Thank you.

Terry Hesch

Dear Bulent and Team, I would like to thank Bulent and the entire team at Sibername for helping to make DataCentrik Solutions successful. We have learned in 2 years of depending on Sibername that we can count on our two Sibername-hosted sites to be up and running 24/7, and that any web hosting issues will be dealt with promptly and professionally. Being thousands of kilometers away in Vancouver is not an issue, as Sibername web, email and phone-based Technical Support is available 7 days a week and is not limited to office hours. With these facts in mind, I without hesitation recommend Sibername as a reliable and low cost provider of web hosting.

Brian Hauk, Principal

DataCentrik Solutions
Vancouver, BC

Many thanks for all your help today. Your support at SIBERNAME is Fantastic !!! Thanks Sibername.

Richard Grant

After dealing with re sellers for years I was so happy to find a registrar that I can deal direct with. Sibername cleared up all the misconceptions of domain registration and set up all our email aliases in one day :)

Thanks Sibername. You Rock !!!

Walter B. Carey

Westcoastseaweed.com name registration

Dear Kumaran I really appreciate your online support, to resolve my problem within no time. I being a non technical person, your online support and the way you were answering / explaining each of my question was really wonderful.

I am 100% satisfied for your company support, Finally i am proude of registering my domain name with your company. I will strongly recommend all my friends to get your servies in the field of webhosting, Domain registration etc.

In future I will be in touch with sibername.com for any sort of business.

With Best Regards
Noorullah Burki.

pakhtoon.ca name registration

I am the webmaster for six sites. Sibername has proven to be a much more reliable host than the previous firm.

Site managmement has been much easier and any issues have been resolved within a very short time; normally the same day. I've received response to questions within minutes, even on statutory holidays. This level of service is excellent.

I would definitely recommend Sibername as a hosting firm for both personal and commmercial requirements.

Stephen Burke,


To the manager in charge of Web Hosting Support, I would like to give two thumbs up on to your web support team!! The were very professional and very understanding when dealing with my issue and I'm very pleased with them. Cheers

Edward Ferdinand ,MCAD,MCP


I am writing to let you know that I received exceptional customer service today. I had a database problem with my website fivestaraffair.ca and called 1 (888) 333-3860 #2 the lady who answered was very helpful and the problem was solved in under 10 minutes.

Thank You!

Your staff are doing an exceptional job.

Jesse Heffernan


At Sibername, one will find toys for local players, and tools for global contenders, at one of the lowest prices in the industry. As a bonus, this web host delivers on 'no down time.' Highly recommended for the novice, or the professional.

Stan B venite.ca

Cheers, Sibername is the best provider I've ever come across. My friend in England has a reseller account now and we've recommended quite a few people to you guys now. My work place has now decided to join the Sibername family.

Keep up the great work.

Sheldon Armitage

Armitage Cafe

I see from CPanel my new account is already set up!! Thanks for the fast work. Sibername is a good webhoster for us and your response is just another example of this.

Eshin Godfrey

Zen Centre of Vancouver
4269 Brant Street, Vancouver, BC

Just wanted to say I've been very happy with my service, which in this day and age seems really rare :) Keep up the good work.

Heather McCall

I joined Sibername today, 20 Dec 2004. In less than 4 hours, I have been able to complete the registration of my domain, choose and pay for my preferred Web Hosting service, obtain an FTP, and upload all my website files. In addition, I now have access to an on-line website building tool that I will be able to use to rebuild and improve my website.

This is an excellent example of "one-stop shopping". I got everything I want and need from Sibername in one superb package.


David B. Johnson davidbrucejohnson.ca

I have created three web sites with Sibername and we - the three organizations I am with - could not be happier. They provide a premium service; an easy to use yet high quality authoring system; outstanding customer service and support; and a truly first class system.

I looked at numerous service providers before going with Sibername and it was without a doubt one of the best decisions I made. I recommend without hesitation Sibername to any organization that needs a fast, high quality, turn key web site and ongoing, professional and helpful support.

Scott Ruddick
Web Master
- International Briefing Associates (www.theibagroup.com)
- International Peace Systems Initiative (www.internationalpsi.org)
- Canadian Association of International Development Consultants


I have been a customer of Sibername since April 04. What you provide in services and support greatly exceeds what I had come to expect from any other company and at less than half the cost. Keep up the good work.

Bryan Barfoot

Hi Bulent,

Seriously, i really don't know how to thank you. I swear to god i tried so many webhosting companies and NONE of them were so fast when replying to emails and so patient as you were with me. You helped me a lot. I found everything i was looking for at sibername.com.

I promise that as soon as my website is done, sibername will have unlimited free top banner for advertising.

Again, thanks a lot Bulent.



Hi Bulent,

Seriously, i really don't know how to thank you. I swear to god i tried so many webhosting companies and NONE of them were so fast when replying to emails and so patient as you were with me. You helped me a lot. I found everything i was looking for at sibername.com.

I promise that as soon as my website is done, sibername will have unlimited free top banner for advertising.

Again, thanks a lot Bulent.



Hi Bulent and Nick,

I need to tell you both how much I appreciate your patience and your time dealing with a newbie. To be honest with you I couldn't see the day I would have all up and running the way I wanted and if I did it was going to take me a long time. So believe me when I say you've put a very big smile on my face knowing now its all done, to be able to start my business. I will be looking into the maintenance plan in a bit with confidence of your watching over my site and being there for me with your great personalities.

Thank you so much your great peoples.


I have a new host now. They're at Sibername and they're in Canada and I'm going to learn the Canadian national anthem.

Here's a sample of an interaction with Sibername:

ME: hey, do you have instructions for importing the database from my old host to your site?

HIM: You should export from the old host, and then import from the new. Why don't you give us your old user name and password, and we'll do it for you.

Wha??? I nearly fell on the floor. I kid you not: I sat there looking at those words and tears welled up in my eyes.

It's now 5:18 on Wednesday morning. The SSL is installed, the shopping cart works, everything works. Everything. It took approximately 48 hours to get the DNS transfered over, the site installed, the database up, the SSL installed. 48 hours at Sibername. Three weeks total of frustration and failure at iPowerWeb.

Oh. And did I mention? The fees are pretty much the same. Sometimes, you DON'T get what you pay for. Sometimes, you get WAY more than you expected.

I would be willing to write a testimonial for you.
The use of your site has been simple and very user friendly (including "cpanel"). Dealing with your support staff was a breeze and the flash tutorials are a HUGE help.

Scott Courtemanche
Mark Creek Lodge
Kimberley BC

As a very satisfied new customer, I felt compelled to pass along my thoughts on the Sibername.com company's reaction to my requests. Understanding that I am a user of systems and not a developer or programmer, was crucial to the successful completion of our web site. My requests were not always easy to understand from email notes and Mr. Turkoglu was professional in his responses and completion in a timely fashion. I have already recommended his company to business partners and have absolutely no reservation in continuing to do so for other companies in the future. Visit the site and see the results.

Darrell Sheppy,
Turnkey Solution Platinum Package Customer,

Many thanks for this! I have to say, you have been providing me with great service! Could you give me your boss' e-mail address? I would like to share with him the great service you have been giving me - again, many thanks!

Martin Charron,


Thanks again for expediting our setup. In less than 24hrs we were up and running. It was critical to iFlex to be up ASAP, as a result of a promotional campaign - and you did not disappoint.

Thanks Again!


Paul Davis,


I just wanted to thank you for your work. Eugene, got me up and running very quickly. The software is working no problem. Job well done!

Make sure you send a copy of this up the corporate ladder, I have never got service like this from any provider yet. And would recommend your company to anyone....

Loyally yours,

James Parnham,
Prestige Kitchens

Thank you so much. I signed up yesterday for a domain name and hosting and by Saturday noon I received your registration confirmation, publishing instructions within the hour. I received CIRA registration confirmation within 2 hours and for all this, I got the most reasonable rates I could find available anywhere. Created my website from scratch on Sunday and was ready to publish by 5:pm. I reported 2 separate publishing problems which sybername both resolved within 2 hours. As a result, my website is up and running before 7:pm. From nothing, to domain, hosting, web site creation and published inside of 12 working hours. Awesome response and support!! Will most definitely recommend your service to all friends and clients. Please report this to your president.

Gratefully now,


I have been with Sibername for a little over a week now and I just wanted to say that you are great. I have never published or even built a website before, and you online help manuals we're just what I needed to get me on my way. Your prices are incredibly affordable and so far the best I've seen. I am sure glad I came across your add in Monitor Magazine. Please keep up the great work.

David Albert,


Dear Bulent,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team there as this has been quite the experiance for me being first time. As I am challenged, keeping it all together has been a battle. I am thankful for such wonderful service and support I have recieved from this company. Somethimes its the little things that count, many thanks.

Dale Bulley,
The Street Kids Project

A special thank you to Sibername for the development of our website. I was searching the web for a company that could develop a website for us, when I came across Sibername.

When I saw the cost involved, I was extremely skeptical that they could offer what they say for the price. The old cliches came out in full force..."you get what you pay for" and "if its too good to be true then it usually is". Well, I am here to tell you that Sibername delivers what they promise.

Fast, efficient service. Great staff and a wonderful product! Brent was most helpful in setting up the site and very patient with us as we provided him with our information. In fact, within hours of our first call and agreement to enter into business, the website template was up and running. We are very impressed!!.

Thanks again to Brent and Sibername. We are sure to recommend you to others who want this superior product and service.


Axel Axmann,
President - Quickmortgages

As a web designer and content developer who has spent years of working with servers who don't seem to know the meaning of the words "customer service," I found SiberName, and it was almost a shock to encounter a company who responds immediately to answer any question, no matter how seemingly insignificant (or even stupid), a company reachable by phone when emergencies arrive (because they do!) and who seems to actually care what I think! SiberName's wonderful user interfaces and software modules, combined with their great service, encouraged me to take the next step and become a web reseller myself. Thanks for being there!

Dana Whittle / Vizou,

I am very amazed and impressed with the way you provide service and taking care of your clients, I am not hesitate to say that your the best service provider I have ever come a cross in the past 5 years in internet related businesses. No wonder you are No:1 in service and no doubt your rates are very reasonable too! I will be pleased to recommened your company to my friends.


Aftab Shaikh,

I am more than pleased with the smoothness of my transfer of my site to your server. I have had many comments of how fast my site loads and the fact that my links no longer have a URL six miles long. I should have done this years ago.

Thank you for providing a affordable alternative to the overpriced servers in my area.

Norm Clark

nclark@execulink.com Owner and Webmaster The Insider News http://www.theinsidernews.ca

I have been with Sibername over half a year now. They are hosting two of my sites using both of 2k and unix plans.

I could not resist writing this feedback. During hosting time Sibername offers me:

1. Best speed!

2. Simply nice service - all questions solved within the same hour. (they don't sleep I believe!)

3. Best range of services for this price all over "best host" providers.

It was a very lucky day when I ran into Sibername. No more shoveling internet for host provider! Thanks.



Finally found a serious web hoster. I moved 5 times in 4 months before finding Sibername! All previous hosters were total incompetents! Sibername doesn't make promises they don't keep! And the tech support is premium! Just can recommend them! Especially at the price!

Steve Jordi
steve@sjordi.com http://www.sjordi.com

Thank you for calling me regarding the credit card problem. The call saved my life. You secured some of my best domains. Your performance was the best. You got 7 out of 20 I sent. That's 35%. Although that is 4.6% of total I got. If I knew earlier, I would have sent most to you. I sent to one registrar 275 domains, they secured none for me.....

Supriyo Malaker


Brent, c'est un chic type, il m'a aid? dans les d?marches d'ouverture de compte, il m'a conseill?, et surtout, il n'a pas pris 2 mois avant de r?pondre ? mes (multiples) questions (successives).

Un autre service en anglais, mais cette fois, avec une qualit? qui d?ment!

vraiment, je n'y changerais pour rien au monde!

Longue vie ? Sibername.com
Martin Mathieu

An excellent, prompt, quality service. Outstanding customer care. Would highly recommend to anyone planning to register (or transfer) a domain name.

Dmitri Chepelev

C'est avec enchantement que je continue de voir votre efficacit?. Merci de votre gande collaboration et de l'attention port?e ? nos multiples interrogations et demandes.

Lyne Fafard

We have been hosting with sibername for over a year now, we host multiple accounts with sibername and are very pleased with the service. The support staff have been more than diligent and timely in there responses to my many emails. I would gladly recommend Sibername to anyone looking for fast simple and effective web hosting. I find their automated features such as Live Stats Server, Email administration, etc. to be very useful. I spent a long long time looking for a host that not only could host my websites, but that would allow me to manage these sites with more tools than an FTP address. Sibername has proven their value to me, time and time again, for this I thank them.

Matthew L Carson

Director of Technology
NetroMedia Solutions Inc.

Your accounts setup is the quickest I have ever experienced. I was actually hesitant to host with you because the price seemed to cheap to believe. I started one account with you, and if all goes well, I've got two more coming to you.

I've only been signed up for 10 minutes, but I really think you have a great system.

Keep up the good work!

Jean Healy


Dear Siber Name Crew,

I have been living with you guys for coming up on a year now and before choosing you spent about 6 months researching various hosting services. I can say in reflection I am extremely happy with the choice I made! Your connectivity speed and general flawless reliability has gone above and beyond my expectations, your customer and technical support have always been extremely friendly and helpful, and the amount of space and bandwidth you provide for the price is unbeatable! You have earned a loyal customer and vocal supporter who can genuinely say in this age of technological hype, that you guys deliver on everything you offer.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Dan Greaves


I was just checking back into your site today and realized that you have a TESTIMONIALS page for your current clients. I bought hosting from you a few months ago, after shopping around the internet at HUNDREDS of different hosts. I am more than happy that I settled on hosting from www.sibername.com. Not only does this host offer the most features for the lowest price of any place I've seen... I've never been happier. Things go incredibly smoothly, I always receive EXCELLENT customer service, and I'm a first time webmistress and your staff made the launch of my website INCREDIBLY quick and easy. I recommend www.sibername.com to every potential webmaster/mistress I run into that's looking for hosting, and I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I've been with the A+++++ service from this host. Thank you so much for your awesome service!

George Daigneault

Dear Sibername,

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent and speedy service you have given my company to get me up and running on the Net. It was nearly painless.

Your technical support team was quick to respond to my questions when I needed help. Your server does a super job of data transfer, database response quickly and my pages load quickly and cleanly.

I currently have 4 Web sites at Sibername and I'm thinking of opening several others for my customers and my friends. You have really unbeatable quality/prices hosting.

I will highly recommend your services. My congratulations to your entire company.

Thanks again!

Caron Denis

Too Good To Be True

If you are like me, that is what you are saying after looking at the services offered!

I have seen my share of web hosting companies, so I was leery of such a great offer to say the least! So to confirm my suspicions I sent an e-mail to customer support. I asked "Do you support sub domains." I expected a ludicrous answer, if any at all. What did I receive? I received a straight-forward and honest answer within 8 hours! Not only that, the sales rep included her phone number in case I had any further questions!

Ok, not bad. So I took the plunge. What next? Excellent set up and customer support, that's what! My account was set up quickly and professionally. These guys are good! I was very impressed! I even tried to be difficult.... no problem! They took care of me right away!

Bottom line: It may seem too good to be true, but it is for real! I will be switching all my accounts over to Sibername!

In my long career, I have experienced many different companies. This one is for real! Please feel free to e-mail me! That is how impressed I am with their service!

Peter Howard
e-Business Program Manager
(Company name withheld upon request)

Your service is the best.

International Languages

Thanks for the quick response and updating of my records. I'm glad I chose your company to do my domain registration.


Thanks a lot Brent,

"Bonne fin de journ? ... if it (the day) could end somehow !!!

Thanks a million
Lyne Fafard

Thank you very much and I will pass on my good experience with your company to my friends and family!

James N. Sears, MD, MI
Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for your excellent customer service, Sibername is the best!

Dmitri Chepelev


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