Small Business Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

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3 main PPC Benefits: Immediate, Controllable, Scalable

PPC is just that - you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google AdWords appear on page one (valuable real estate), either at the top or at the bottom of search results. Big benefits of this are:

You see results immediately, with traffic coming to your site as soon as the ad is clicked

Adjust your campaigns to increase your conversion rate as you gather data

Scale your campaign up or down easily to throttle business or open the flood gates

PPC Provides Valuable Data and Customer Insight

Leverage data from PPC campaigns across other marketing channels.

Leverage ad copy with high CTR for your page titles and descriptions

Build remarketing lists that can be used on your social media campaigns

User data and analytics will improve your marketing and landing page structure

PPC is a valuable component of SEM

Given its immediate, targeted and scalable nature.

PPC is best deployed as a part of an overall Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. A good PPC campaign will:

Rely on a properly structured landing page

Instantly drive visitors with buying intent

Remarket to bring past visitors back for pennies on the dollar

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