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  • You are the legal owner of the domain name for the period you register the domain name. Your name is in the " registrant name" field and your administrative email address is there for you to use for critical information update.
  • We do registrar-lock your domain name in order to protect it against the domain name thieves. Please note that ICANN/Verisign rules make it possible the domains to be stolen if the domain names are not locked at the registrar. We do protect your domains for such actions.
  • Free web hosting and online design tool for 1 flash intro and 1 content page. Edit it anytime anywhere online.
  • Reliable company! We are not a reseller. We are an ICANN, CIRA and Eurid Accredited Registrar. We are serving our customers since the year 2000. Our team has years of experience on Domain Names.
  • Free Expert help for your domain problems in average 2 hours year around (including major holidays) for your CIRA, ICANN, EurId and UK Domain Names.
  • Free Forwarding to another domain name online. Accessible 24x7 at your convenience.
  • Modifying DNS details online. Accessible 24x7 at your convenience.


WebSiteMatic Light is an online web site design tool. It is our complimentary offer to you to have WebSiteMatic Light with your domain name.

The light version of WebSiteMatic Light helps you to design a web page for your domain name. This page is accessible by your domain name and hosted free of charge. In order to design your web site online, all you need is a browser and internet connection. You can add a flash into to your 1 page web site.

This version has page limit, limited feature set and limited number of templates. You can have more pages, features and templates by signing up for a web hosting plan.

You can learn more about this tool through WebSiteMatic Light Demo Page.

Sibername.com is an ICANN Accredited Registrar

ICANN Certified Registrar

Sibername.com is a CIRA Certified Registrar

Sibername.com is an Authority (CIRA) certified .CA Domain Name Registrar